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"Fear me, for I am the darkness that lies in the abyss"

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So...the Occult Research Club is all devils then...

–Aika to Ichiro

Aika Kiryuu
Aika kiryuu2
"The Queen of Perverts"
Kana 桐生 藍華
Romaji Kiriyū Aika
Race Pure Blooded Human
Nicknames "Queen of Perverts", Saint Gemini Empress
Hair Color brown
Eye Color hazel
Equipment Equus Castor
Personal Status
Relatives Mr. Aika (father)

Mrs. Aika (mother)

Affiliations Disciplinary Committee

Demon Council

Status Alive
Ranking Sacred Gear Human

Demon Council (Ichiro's Manager)

Aika Kiryuu is a main character appearing in Heavenly Dragon Kings Rebirth . Formerly a normal human until she had an unlucky encounter with Levi Mammon who tried to convince her to join the Wings of Desire. After that, her journey of the supernatural world began. Aika later becomes a member of the Disciplinary Committee the club under Ichiro Pendragon, and later becomes his manager when he is anointed the Knight of the Demon Council.

After the mock Rating Game with Sirzechs she becomes known as the Saint Gemini Empress because of her incredible use of her sacred gear, Equus Castor. After becoming Ichiro's manager, she begins handling all his affairs in the Underworld such as his contracts, missions, and even the band created by Sora. Aika is a 2nd year student at Kuoh Academy and around Kuoh Academy she is known as "The Queen of Perverts" due to her lewd and perverted behavior and association with the Perverted Trio.

Appearance Edit

Aika is a slender and busty 17 year old girl with long brown hair tied in two braids with blue ribbons and hazel colored eyes. The trait she is mostly associated with is the pink, circle rimmed glasses on her face which goes along with her character trait of having the ability to calculate a male's "manhood" size just by looking.

During school she is seen wearing the Kuoh Academy uniform which consists of:  a white long-sleeved, button-down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon on the collar, a black shoulder cape and matching button-down corset, and a magenta skirt with white accents.

Outside of school, like any typical high-school student she is seen wearing more non-formal clothing like t-shirts and jeans. Although, because of Ichiro's pestering she has to dress more formally during meetings with special groups. During these occasions like with her and Ichiro's meeting with the Four Great Satans, she wears dresses that have the Sitri symbol etched in the corner or in a more noticeable part.

Personality Edit

Aika most notable trait when first meeting her is her perverted nature, wears spectacles and like Motohama (a member of the Perverted trio), she has the ability to calculate a male's "manhood" size just by looking. A good friend of Asia, she likes to tease the latter about her crush on Issei. One of her most well-known traits is her habit of giving lewd advice to Asia, such as telling her about "skinship" and encouraging her to try it with Issei in the bathroom and warning her not to dilly-dally in making a move on Issei before the other girls could get him.

Despite her perverted nature she is shown to be kind and caring, standing by her morals by refusing to allow Ichiro to do things that could put others at harm.

Aika giving Asia "advice"

She is the complete opposite of Ichiro at the beginning of the series: being completely kind, extroverted, and sweet the complete opposite of Ichiro's aloof nature. She initially shows distaste at having to hide from her friends Murayama that she is a devil and hates even harder having to hide it from her big sister Aiko.

She loves to embarrass Ichiro by throwing out sexual innuendos and jokes with the latter being annoyed by her constant perverted nature.

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Initially she argues with Ichiro because of his cold and aloof behavior but, after learning about Ichiro's past she decides to tolerate his personality and later in the series, when Ichiro decides to change, she becomes one of the people he confides in calling herself his "psychologist" and tries her hardest to not be judgmental about the things he tells her. Aika is shown to be intelligent and astute, able to decipher the thousand of year old tablet left behind by God and use it to power up her sacred gear.

History Edit

Not much is known about Aika's past other than during her middle school years, she was constantly ignored and outcast due to her perverted nature and in her first year in middle school she became friends with Murayama and Katase, with the two being able to tolerate her perverted nature as long as she didn't do anything extreme like peeping. It was revealed that she repeatedly accidently activated her sacred gear numerous times in the past but she failed to notice because she viewed them as regular black horses.

First Appearance Edit

Aika's first major appearance is in Life 5, after being asked on a date by a boy named Taro (who is Levi Mammon in disguise), Ichiro follows her around feeling something is "off", dragging Koneko with him, who believes he developed a crush on Aika. The two follow her around her date and then after when Aika is about to leave "Taro" reveals himself as Levi and tries to convince Aika to join his team, revealing his wings to her. After several protests, Levi grows angry and decides to take her with him by force but Ichiro and Koneko step in the way, with Amara coming from the shadow, the four start fighting while a scared Aika accidentally activates her sacred gear out of fear, it taking the form of a cross that began releasing uncontrollable holy aura that harmed the four she then runs away. After the fight ends, Ichiro later appears at her house in the middle of the night and has Yukina completely erases her memories believing the girl to be unable to handle the supernatural world.

In the next chapter, Issei is hanging out with Motohama and Matsuda when they notice Aika walking past them, seeing the depressed look on her face they call out for her only for her to simply ignores them and walks past them. Later Ichiro is confronted by Rias and Sona where he explains what occurred, they both grow angry explaining to him how Yukina's memory erasing abilities are too unstable for a vampire due to her being a ministerial with little training in regards to her psychic abilities and that she might've erased too much.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Immense Magical Power: Due to her sacred gear and after receiving training from Grayfia during Ichiro's and his team's training for the unofficial Rating Game between Gray Diehauser, Aika is shown to have a lot of magical potential. She decides to learn Fairy Magic (at Ichiro's request) and becomes adept in advance fairy magic.

Swordsmanship: Being friends with two Kendo club members, Aika knows a little about sword fighting but after learning of the Supernatural and her sacred gear, Ichiro takes it upon himself to teach her some more so she can defend herself.

Immense Durability: During her training with Grayfia her body becomes more durable due to the harsh pressure she is put under so she can withstand fighting with creatures like devils and fallen angels.

Incredible Endurance and Stamina: Grayfia realizing she is more of a magic user, decides to train Aika's endurance and stamina so she can increase her magic attack fire rate.

Equipment Edit

Penitent's Blessing: (後悔の祝福; Kōkai no shukufuku) also known as "Cross of the Dying Thief" is a holy type creation/offensive type sacred gear. It possesses the ability to manipulate holy energy, being able to cover itself in a aura of holy energy, being able to create objects out of holy energy, having healing properties and being able to purify evil spirits.