Humans, Angels, Devils...they're all the same. There's good and bad. Sadly Ichiro...God has deemed you as evil therefore you will die

–Akari to Ichiro during first encounter

Akari Minako
"Dragon Reflector"
Kana あかり美奈子
Romaji Akari Minako
Race Human
Nicknames "The Dragon Reflector", "Twin of Destruction"
Hair Color white
Eye Color red
Equipment Dragon Mirror (support type sacred gear)

Light Knives

Personal Status
Relatives Deceased Parents

Kira (brother)

Affiliations The Church

Her Brother

Status Alive
Ranking High Class Exorcist

Akari Minako is a very powerful exorcist who gained the name "The Dragon Reflector" due to her mid-tier sacred gear's power. She shares the name "Twin of Destruction" with her brother due to their powerful sacred gear and being among the top ten of the church. She possesses the sacred gear "Dragon's Mirror" a rare mid-tier sacred gear with the ability to create Earth Dragons out of reflections.

She, along with her brother, are sent to Japan by the Head church of England in order to kill Ichiro Pendragon for his crimes against the church which includes trying to steal the holy sword and for the crime of murdering the Catholic Bishop James William.

Appearance Edit

A girl with long white hair with two long braids going down her head and red eyes (just like her brother her hair is white due to the training she received from the church). She stands at 5'1 and has a busty and curvy figure. Akari also possesses a "gentle face" and is usually seen with a annoyed frown or a cheery smile (never in between). Due to, like her brother being a powerful gem to the church she is allowed to wear whatever she likes but decides to stick with a outfit that makes her look like a member of the church which is a simple white and blue dress with a simple green bow-tie.

Personality Edit

The complete opposite of her brother, Akari is shown to be a soft, kind, and caring person. Choosing to be gentle and kind to others, unlike her brother who distrusts those he doesn't know. During fights, she likes to strategize and rationalize before engaging unlike her brother who chooses to jump head first into battle, this causes the two to fight at almost every available moment even in the middle of battle.

After her first fight with Ichiro and Issei, she develops a love for the latter saying that if he wasn't a devil, she would've made him her husband. But she hates Ichiro due to what he did in the past, vowing to enact justice on him. Unlike her brother, she wants to bring him back to the church so he can face punishment for what he did but her brother wants to kill him, which, due to the nature of Ichiro's crimes they are legally allowed to do without fear of facing any punishment.

  • Despite being a exorcist, she doesn't like killing even Devils or Fallen Angels that are wanted by the church. She strives to bring them back to the church alive so they can face imprisonment in Heaven or in the Church underground prison. She even follows this rule with stray devils, always offering them a chance to go back to their master.

Being devout in her faith, she treats those who turn against it as if they were monsters, first shown during her first confrontation with both Asia and Isabella where she said the two were like freaks to her. And, when Xenovia, someone who was her friend since childhood turned into a devil she starts to act initially cold towards her, treating the latter as if she didn't exist. Even when learning that God is dead, her faith doesn't shake and she still strives to follow God's original words.

She has a intense hatred for Apocryphos prophets considering them both a plague and a sin. When she meets Riley Achilles, she vows to slay him. This view later changes when she decides it would be best to work with him in order to learn more about his knowledge of both the church and gain his prophecy of the future, despite this her and her brother still show distrust for him.

Unlike her brother, she shows nervousness around those boys (whereas her brother is open about his pervertedness to Xenovia) getting flustered when she talks to Issei alone and initially afraid to look him in the eyes.

History Edit

The two were raised as faithful believers of the church and exorcists by their parents until the age of 9 when their parents were killed due to a accident caused by stray exorcists who were working with fallen angels. Afterwards the two were taken in by Griselda Quarta who raised the two twins until they turned 13. After which, due to their exceptional power the two twins were taken back to the head church of England where they were sent out on missions to assassinate or imprison high class stray exorcists.

They were both at the Head Church of England, during the day Amelia Zagan attacked with her peerage. After having defeated all her pawns the two twins then confronted Ichiro who had killed the bishop of the church in order for his peerage to escape. When they both tried to deal the finishing blow, the two twins realized that they had been fighting a illusion of Ichiro and the real Ichiro had already escaped.

Some time, after the start of the series, the two twins were given the mission of finding and eliminating Ichiro Pendragon for his crimes against the church. The two, after learning about his dead peerage believing him to be the perpetrator decided that he was even worse than a regular devil and vowed that they would be the one to end his life.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Superhuman Pain Tolerance: Akari possesses a superhuman pain tolerance that is shown throughout the series. At first able to take a Dragon Shot from Issei (while boosting it) and then able to take Saji's absorption line with very little damage. It's because of this absurd pain tolerance that she becomes one of the top ten of the church.

Weapon Specialist: Akari was raised by Griselda to use a wide array of different weapons. Despite having her sacred gear, she uses a collection of 95 holy knives to aid her in battle.

Superhuman Speed: Akari is capable of moving at a very fast rate above a average human, even able to create solid after images.

Equipment Edit

Dragon's Mirror (ドラゴンの鏡) also known as the "Reflection of the Earth Dragon" is a very powerful mid-tier creation/support type sacred gear. It has the ability to create Earth/Normal Dragons out of reflections. For example: When Akari reflects herself into the mirror, a white dragon with red eyes will come out of the mirror and attack her opponent by being able to surround itself in a aura of holy light. When she uses the sacred gear on her brother's reflection, a dragon made of flames comes out. And when she uses it on Ichiro, a dragon made of his soul flames with the ability to absorb light comes out. This indicates that the dragon varies depending on the one who's reflection is used to make a dragon. Akari is capable of creating 2 of these dragons at a time.

  • This sacred gear works by: (1.) a person's reflection is seen through the mirror (2.) the reflection transforms into a dragon (3.) a dragon flies out of the mirror.
  • Due to only being Normal Dragons they are held back by that natural limitation.
  • If the mirror breaks or is shattered while in use, the dragons will disappear as if they were never there. It takes a total of 50 minutes for the mirror to repair again after broken.

Ninety-Five These: A nickname for her collection of 95 holy knives. Due to being holy in nature they are capable of slashing through creatures like devils with exceptional ease. The knives also act as radiation to devil, meaning the more time they stand near the knives, the more it weakens them. She uses this during her first fight, where she tricks Saji and Issei by purposely missing so she can slowly weaken their power.

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