Alex Fulton
The Pyromanic Phenex
Race Former Human/Devil Hybrid
Reincarnated Devil
Nicknames Al


Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Equipment Flame Shake
Personal Status
Relatives Ravel Phenex (Great-Grandmother)
Maria Phenex-Fulton (Mother)
Richard Fulton (Father)
Aiden Wright (Adoptive Brother)
Lily Wright (Adoptive Sister)
Ravela Phenex (Aunt)
Raiver Phenex (Cousin)
Affiliations Phenex Family
Fulton Family
Magnolia Bael's Peerage
Kuoh Academy (2nd Year)
Status Alive
Ranking HIgh-Class Devil


Alex Fulton is the Bishop of Magnolia Bael, and a major character in 'DxD: Next Generation'.

He is also the older adoptive brother of Aiden Wright and Lily Wright.

Appearance Edit

Alex is a tall slightly muscled 16 year old, with short blonde hair and brown eyes.

Usually wearing the Kuoh uniform, Alex wears a white hoodie, jeans and sneakers in public.

Personaility Edit

Alex has a very friendly, enthusiastic, and outgoing personality, and is almost always seen fooling around, smiling, making bad jokes, teasing friends, and hitting on girls.

Though he does have his rare moments of seriousness, which are mainly brought on either by situations that call for it, or when he has to trash someone for insulting or harming his family and friends.

Family is something Alex considers the most important, and doesn't care about pasts and is willing to let anyone in, shown with Aiden and Lily.

History Edit

Alex was born in the Underworld two years after his parents married.

As he grew up, Alex learned that his parent's situation in the Underworld was pretty weird.

While majority of the Phenex family was fine with his parent's marriage, there were a few who weren't.

Namely his aunt Ravela, and his cousin Raiver who had been named similar to their great-uncle Raiser.

Issues would persist with these two for a while, eventually causing Alex and his parent's to move to a different place, choosing England.

Into the first week there, Alex found Aiden and Lily Wright in a park after the burning down of their house. Once calling his parents and taking the two to their home, they were adopted into the Fulton family.

Taking his role of big brother seriously, Alex taught Aiden and Lily what they needed to know before they were enrolled in school, played with them, and taught them things from the Underworld he cleverly disguised.

After the family's big move to Japan, Alex was enrolled in Kuoh Academy, where he met Magnolia Bael.

She had offered him a place in her peerage, saying it was because she had seen him playing with Aiden and Lily, and thought he would be a perfect member of her peerage.

Agreeing, he was her Bishop from that day onward.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Enhanced Magical Power: Already skilled in magic, being reincarnated as a Bishop gave Alex a boost in magical power.

Experianced Hand-to-hand Fighter: While Bishops usually rely on magic, Alex does the same but uses his fists to have an edge, usually coating his fists in flames or wind.

Pyrokinesis: Being of the Phenex family, Alex is capable of using fire-based attacks.

Aerokinesis: Another ability from the Phenex family, Alex can control and manipulate wind, mainly using it to fuel and improve his flames.

Immortality: As a member of the Phenex Clan, Alex shares his family's signature regeneration abilities, being able to regenerate lost limbs and recover from wounds, Alex's being slower then most. However, his regeneration is entirely dependent by his level of Demonic energy.

Flight: Alex can acheive this using his devil wings, or wings made from flames.

Equipment Edit

Flame Shake: A elemental Sacred Gear that allows Alex to manipulate pyrokinetic flames. Though, since Alex can already achieve this, Flame Shake instead boosts the power of his flames and grants manipulation of factors of flames, allowing him to create flames anywhere. While it has no physical form, it's said Alex's eyes take on an orange-ish hue when Flame Shake is in use.

  • Lord of Cinder, also known as Knight of Living Ash is Flame Shake's Balance Breaker. Ash and cinder from burning fires gather together, forming a living knight with veins of burning fire.

Trivia Edit

  • Alex's appearance is based on Masaomi Kida from Durarara!!

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