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If there's someone who knows you better than yourself, that's probably me

–Violet to the longinus wielders


Violet of the human crusade

Amanda presence stalking erika

Kana アマンダ・グリエセ
Romaji Amanda Guriese
Race Human
Nicknames Violet
Hair Color Decolored blond
Eye Color Violet
Equipment Apocryphal Notes
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed parents
Affiliations Herself
Havoc (leader)
Status Active
Ranking Longinus wielder
Amanda Gliese (アマンダ・グリエセ, Amanda Guriese), also known as Violet; is one of the main characters of the story DXD: Fragments of Black and Silver. She is the wielder of the longinus-tier Sacred Gear Apocryphal Notes.

Appearance Edit

Violet is a 19 years old girl, whose most prominent feature is her decolored blonde hair and small eyes of violet color (hence her nickname). She is a slender tall girl, with fit complexion and very agile appearance. She has a big scar on the left cheek which cover all around it, touching it the side of her nose, under the eye and on the edge of the mouth; which along her delicate features makes her look like a vulnerable girl.

By sheer looks she appears to be a serene person, perhaps troubled by the state of the world, but who is very patient and collected.

She uses light traveling year; a t-shirt and shorts, as well as brown boots meant to walk long distances. Sometimes she uses a scarf too. She covers herself with a long hooded coath that can serve for both getting warm and as a raincoat. She usually carries a backpack too.

Personality Edit

Violet shows herself as a charming person, who is usually worried about the events around her. She is very perceptive and will not hesitate to ask someone if they are feeling down or something bothers them, showing a motherly side, displaying kindness in general towards people. When she uses her Sacred Gear to gather information, her way of being changes for a short time, looking like she was hypnotized, with neither emotions nor feelings showing at all, even speaking in a monotone way until she snaps out of the trance; this is speculated to be the result of the sudden assault of knowledge that gets her every time she access the Akashic Records.

Violets True nature

Violet about to attack in an outburst of madness

Although she may seem amicable, and she has a very high self-steem and confidence, these are nothing but sympthoms of something way darker. Violet is in fact, a sociopath. She has no problems lying and strongly believes that nothing she does in wrong, even if it comes to murdering or torture, although she would not do anything that is unnecessary. She can get angry and act like a normal person, but there's a point in which she snaps and becomes very, very violent, unable to control herself at all, not hearing reasons nor caring who is in front of her; when she enters this state, she shows herself as a complete lunatic, and will seek to harm others in every way she is capable of, no mather how much others beg for mercy or fight back. This is possible because she is unable to relate to others, even if their situations are like hers, and will not hesitate to throw away someone who no longer has an utility to her.

She is very dedicated, and her goals obsesses her to no end.

Backstory Edit

Amanda's parents were killed by the remnants of Trihexa when she was a little girl. They used to live in a corrupted zone, which was not at all safe, but the people in there were capable of deflect the poisonous atmosphere to some extend using magic. When she was left alone, she wandered the land along other survivors and lived basically in the wild.

It is unknown when she awakened her Sacred Gear, and nothing much more is known about her, as she comes up with different backstories for herself.

Plot Edit


Powers & abilities Edit

Enhanced stamina: She is more durable than a normal human, and can perform highly tiring taxes for prolongued times.

Enhanced speed: She is very fast herself, not able to keep up with Knight piece devils, but fast enough to outrun other beings.

Enhanced strength: On pair with supernatural beings, Violet can easily match most foes with sheer strength alone.

Immense combat experience: She lived in the corruption, where no life blooms and people are less than animals. She is well versed in fighting and knows how to use most weapons, along with her ability for street fighting.

Buffs: Amanda is capable of giving boosts in power of her allies in given situations.

  • The People
  • The Marginal
  • The Deviant
  • The Fool
  • The Ruler
  • The Ace
  • The Avenger
  • The Greedy
  • The Lover

Corruption immunity: As if her anti-bodies adaptated to the harsh enviroment of the contaminated zones, Violet is completely immune to the negative effects of the Corruption. However her mental state degenerates the more she spends in contaminated zones, so she would rather not go in there without a reason. She is almost completely immune to the venom from the corrupted creatures.

Equipment Edit

Sacred Gear Edit

Apocryphal Notes (暗いバイブル; Appakkurafaru Nootsu), also known as the Forbidden Book of the World Records; is a Sacred Gear and one of the thirteen Longinus-tier of its generation. Apocryphal Notes has the ability to connecto the Akashic Records, a metaphysical plane where all information is stored. Via this connection, Amanda can know almost anything, and channel that knowledge to manipulate the world around her.

Quotes Edit

  • "I didn't know [that]... But now I do." -Amanda's catchphrase.

Trivia Edit

  • Her appearance is based on the characters Overdose and Present from the series Guilty Crown. Overdose's image was edited slightly by the author.
    • Her name was given for the sake of irony, as it means "lovable" or "worthy of love" in latin.
    • Her lastname "Gliese", is the name of a dwarf star in the constallation of Libra, Gliese 581 about 2 light years away from Earth.
  • While sociopathia is not the correct term for her mental illness, it is one of the nearest concepts to it.
  • The spiral eye thing is a running gag in the danganronpa series, to show despair or madness.
  • The dog avatar from Edmond Bach's Canys Lykaon is extremely hostile against Amanda, even against its wielder's commands.
  • Her theme song would be One for the Money from Escape the Fate.

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