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Ambrosius Family
Kana アンブロシース
Romaji Amburoshiisu
Affiliations Pendragon Family
Magicians' Association
Abilities Great Magical Capabilities
Magical Talent
Members Merlin Ambrosius
Xander Ambrosius (Former Head)
Christian Ambrosius (Current Head)
Asia Argento

The Ambrosius Family, also known as the Magicians of Camelot formed by King Arthur's most trusted advisor and the creator of the System of Magic used by Humans, Merlin Ambrosius, the Legendary Magician.


During King Arthur's era, Merlin had advised him before him and the Knights of the Round Table entered battle. In his studies in the Devils' demonic powers and their magic, leading the development of the Magic System of Humans. To better lead the younger magician, Merlin soon started his own family to not only lead them but to also continue to advise the Head of the Pendragon.  

Over the years, many of the members of the Ambrosius Family continued to develop their magical knowledge from many other factions of the supernatural. They have also collected various Ancient and Rare Magic Books that are inscribed with many spells and techniques. Due to the fact that many High-Class Devils desire to make pacts with the descendants of Merlin, this lead to the family gaining a substantial fortune and led to them becoming one of the most influential families in the Human World. 

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Every member of the Ambrosius Family has inherited innate understanding and talent when it comes to magic, even as children, they are born with a high-levels of magical power. This is mainly shown by both Xander and Christian Ambrosius, who are regarded as geniuses even amongst the entire family. It is also known that the members of the Ambrosius Family are also skilled technicians when it comes to battle strategies.


The current known members of the Ambrosius Family are the rogue former Head, Xander Ambrosius, the current Head, Christian Ambrosius and his daughter the future heiress, Asia Argento; and technically Lancelot.


  • The surname Ambrosius or Ambrosios is a Latin adjective derived from the Ancient Greek word ἀμβρόσιος, ambrosios meaning "divine, immortal".
  • The members of the Ambrosius Family, are the main family who've sought out by High-Class Devils to make contracts with.