Analise Dragoon
"Magical Dragon"
Kana ドラグーン
Romaji 龍騎
Race 1/2 Dragon Father and 1/2 Valkyrie Mother (and reincarnated devil)
Nicknames "Chocolate dragon", "Magical Dragon Knight" and "Dragon of the Norse"
Hair Color blonde and purple
Eye Color violet
Equipment Breaker Shield and Breaker Sword
Personal Status
Relatives Mother (unnamed Valkyrie) and Father (unnamed Dragon)
Affiliations Marcellu Agares Peerage
Status Alive
Ranking High-Class Devil
Queen piece
Analise Dragoon is the Queen of Marcellus Agares and a valkyrie-dragon hybrid who possesses the breaker sword and shield combo. She is also adept in norse magic and with her natural dragon abilities she can breathe fire. She is the same age as Marcellus, Rias, and Sona.

Appearance Edit

She is usually seen in a white dress shirt with black and gold lines on it, a black skirt, and a pair of armor boots with what looks like a dragon sculpted on the top. She also wears black gloves and has long blonde hair with purple at the tip and violet eyes.

She possesses a pair of bat devil wings under her normal red dragon wings and a pair of black horns on her head that she can hide using magic.

Personality Edit

She is known to be a very serious yet loving person. She cares about Marcellus and is in love with him.

Being an outcast in both the valkyries and dragons eyes she only feels happy with her fellow peerage members and Marcellus. She is also known for her love of chocolate getting her labeled "the chocolate dragon".

History Edit

After she was born Analise was disowned by her father. After going to Valhalla at a young age with her mother the other valkyries rejected her and refused to teach her magic.

Odin then had her cast out because he feared the other valkyries would try to kill her. With no where else to go she traveled alone until one night after fighting a fallen angel she was saved by Marcellus who decided to turn her into his queen.

The two fell in love but after Marcellus's parents refused the two currently live in the Dragon Valley in a secluded area in the Underworld (considered free devil territory) so they could escape all the problems and hate.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Breaker Sword
  • Breaker Shield

1. Norse Magic: Specializing in long-range and bombarding attacks. She is capable of using ice, fire, water, lightning, wind, thunder, light, summoning, and explosive-based magic easily making her a good queen.

2. Healing Magic: Possessing a special trait she inherits from her father called "Dragon's Blessing" which is a high-tier healing technique which even surpasses the rare twilight healing sacred gear.

3. Dragon fire: being part dragon she possess the ability to breathe fire

4. Demonic Power: Being a queen she possesses the strength of a rook, speed of a knight, and magic talents of a bishop

5. Flight: Being part devil, dragon, and valkyrie she can fly

Equipment Edit

Breaker sword: a special sword with the ability to break through any defense barrier. Considered the 2nd strongest valkyrie sword in existence that she obtains from a knight.

Breaker shield: a special shield that has the ability to reflect attacks back to the opponent if they charge is with energy.

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