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Annihilation Gears
Kana 禁断の秘密アンイヒレイション ギアア
Romaji Anihireishon Giaa
Other Names The Forbidden Secret
Wielder(s) Giichi
Yi Cheng Hyoudou

Annihilation Gears is a fanon terminology.


Annihilation Gears, also known as [The Forbidden Secret], are equipment of the Hyoudou Clan.



Breakdown: An ability, similar to the Sacred Gear's Balance Breaker, yet, in the same time, it has a chant, making it similar to the Sacred Gear's Juggernaut Drive. Anymore information hasn't been given.

Sword Gear's chant is:

O sword! O dear sword! Sacrifices are to be, made and given.

And thou, dear sword, annihilate and vaporize! Give my [Dream] its [Realize]!

And for thou, dear sword, I shall give the whole world!

And thou, dear sword, shall make me thy [Lord]!

Lightning Judgment's chant is:

O Lighting, O! Judge and kill! Fudge and make them feel!

For all and every light! For you are the might!

Lightningify and signify! Give me the life of a [Lullaby]!

Enlighten me and realize! Frighten he who ties!

Known UsersEdit

Annihilation Gear User Type Basic Form Breakdown Form Description Abilities
Sword Gear Giichi Rephaite Class, Sword Type Annihilation Gear. A sword Some kind of armor. Unknown whether light or heavy, though. Sword Gear is a Sword Type Annihilation Gear, with two sealed being inside it.
  • Breakdown
  • Basic Slash
  • Godly Slashes
  • Yòu Dòu
  • Annihilation
Friendly Healer Giichi Rephaite Class, Healing Type Annihilation Gear Unknown Unknown Friendly Healer, also know as [Annihilatious Healer], is the only Healing Type Annihilation Gear to ever exist. Also, it seems that there's a sealed being inside Friendly Healer, too.
  • Healing
Lightning Judgment Giichi Rephaite Class, Lightning Type Annihilation Gear Unknown Unknown Lightning Judgment is a Lightning Type Annihilation Gear. It seems that there's a being sealed inside it, too. Also, the being sealed inside Lightning Judgment has been stated to be a female.
  • Breakdown
  • Divine Retribution
  • Night of Light
  • Zhū Nǎi


  • Friendly Healer is the only Healing Type Annihilation Gear.
  • It has been stated that Top-Class [Annihilation Gear]'s, [Rephaite]'s, are all with being sealed inside of each one of them.
  • Up until now, Sword Gear is the only Top-Class [Annihilation Gear], the only [Rephaite], to have two souls sealed inside, giving it a higher rank than thought to be.
  • The only known [Annihilation Gear]'s are [Rephaite] Class ones.
  • [Rephaite] means "Ghost" in Hebrew, hinting about the truth about [Rephaite] Class [Annihilation Gear]'s, that they all have to have a soul sealed inside of them, in order to be considered [Rephaite] Class.
  • The only known [Annihilation Gear]'s users are Giichi Asmodeus and Yi Cheng Hyoudou.

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