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Apocryphal Notes
Kana アッパックラファル ・ノーツ
Romaji Appakkurafaru Nootsu
Other Names Forbidden Book of the World Records
Type Longinus-tier Sacred Gear
Forms Book
Abilities Connects the user to the Akashic Records
Wielder(s) Amanda Gliese
Apocryphal Notes (アッパックラファル ・ノーツ; Appakkurafaru Nootsu), also known as the Forbidden Book of the World Records is a longinus-tier Sacred Gear wielded by Amanda Gliese in the story DXD: Fragments of Black and Siliver.

Summary Edit

After the leaders of the mythical factions failed to seal away 666, the world entered in a state of panic, and new methods to fight back the beast were tried, in hopes they could avoid its battle with Great Red and Ophis, therefore annihilating the world.

With the help of the former governor general of the Grigori, Azazel, a project to make the longinus forcefully evolve was created, ending up in failure, however they managed to merge two Sacred Gear, the Sephiroth Graal and Telos Karma, thus creating Apocryphal Notes.

Abilities Edit

Much like its predecesor, Sephiroth Graal, Apocryphal Notes has the ability to give its wielder bast amounts of knowledge of all kinds through its endless pages; it acts as a channel for the wielder to be connected to the Akashic Records, a plane of existence where all the information of the universe is gathered and recorded, as told by the Sacred Gear itself.

Via their connection with the Akashic Records, the wielder becoms capable of performing any possible task they can think of, just like using a race exclusive ability, modify the laws of physics or grant immortality if the wielder is powerful enough.

Unfortunately, the user is still bond to the rules of the task they are performing, for example, if they want to use the holy element angels have, they still have to gather it, even if it's through Apocryphal Notes, or in the case they want to bring people back from death they would have to fight the Grim Reaper and the gods of death all at once (since they would not let a soul return to the living).


Apocryphal Notes takes the form of a grimoire with light brown hardback which contains a symbol in both sides. Its pages seems antique and words are written in something similar to latin. While it seems like a book without many pages it has an unlimited amount of pages, something similar to what happens with a Death Note. A red tie stands out of the superior part of the book and serves as a bookmark.

Book Maker Edit

The Balance Breaker form of Apocryphal Notes. In this mode, the wielder gains the ability of using the Sacred Gear's abilities by speaking.

Trivia Edit

  • The image of the Sacred Gear was taken from Trinity Seven
  • Apocryphal Notes has many quirks, like being unable to tell the future or not being able to open portals to fast travel. It is also impossible to bring someone back from death as the Sacred Gear shuts down while fighting the Grim Reaper, only displaying the message "The ultimate end cannot cease to be"

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