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Apocryphal Notes
Kana アッパックラファル ・ノーツ
Romaji Appakkurafaru Nootsu
Other Names Book of the Forbidden Records
Type High-tier Sacred Gear
Multi-purpose type Sacred Gear
Forms Book
Abilities Connects the user to the Akashic Records
Apocryphal Notes (アッパックラファル ・ノーツ; Appakkurafaru Nootsu), also known as the Book of the Forbidden Records is a high-tier Sacred Gear with the potential to become a Longinus.

Summary Edit


Abilities Edit

Much like Sephiroth Graal, Apocryphal Notes has the ability to give its wielder vast amounts of knowledge of all kinds through its endless pages; it acts as a channel for the wielder to learn all kinds of stuff and to perform magic without the need to have an affinity for it. Via Apocryphal Notes the wielder can transmutate stuff, gather holy element to fight demons or change the weather in nearing locations. Although it has potential to become a Longinus, in comparison to the Sephiroth Graal (in regards of knowledge) or the Zenith Tempest (control over the elements) it is still inferior to the both of them.


Apocryphal Notes takes the form of a grimoire with light brown hardback which contains a symbol in both sides. Its pages seems antique and words are written in something similar to latin. While it seems like a book without many pages it has an unlimited amount of pages, something similar to what happens with a Death Note. A red tie stands out of the superior part of the book and serves as a bookmark.

Book Maker Edit

The Balance Breaker form of Apocryphal Notes. In this mode, the wielder gains the ability of using the Sacred Gear's abilities by speaking.

Trivia Edit

  • The image of the Sacred Gear was taken from Trinity Seven
  • Originally it was meant to be a Longinus-tier Sacred Gear in place of the Sephiroth Graal since the author couldn't understand how the Holy Grail worked