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The only one who should decide which path to follow is you.

–Law's thoughts on how to live their own life.

Arceus D. Law
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The Son of Lucifer.
Kana アルセウス・ディー・ロー
Romaji Aruseusu・Dii・Rō
Race Human/Pure-Blooded Devil Hybrid
Nicknames The Frozen Surgeon of Death
The True Heir to Hell
Prince of Netherworld/Underworld
The Crystal Slayer Tyrant
The Devil with the Sword of Netherworld.
Hair Color Black & White
Eye Color Heterochromatic: Right – Black Grey, Left – Blinded (Crimson Eye with Dragon's pupil when using his draconic power)
Equipment King's Requiem
Blue Rose
Personal Status
Relatives Relius Lucifer (Father)
Angelina Strada(Mother)
Rizevim Livan Lucifer (Older Half-Brother)
Rosinante Arceus (Older Brother) †
Vasco Strada (Grandfather)
Vali Lucifer (Great Nephew)
Affiliations 72 Pillars
Eight Warlords of the Underworld
Golden Generation
Arceus D. Law's Peerage (King)
Kina Kingdom (First/Crown Prince)
Status Alive
Ranking Ultimate-Class Devil
Warlord of the Underworld
Arceus D. Law or Lucifer D. Law is the main male protagonist of rewrite.future fan fiction, Lucifer's Pride. He is the son of the original Lucifer, Relius Lucifer and Angelina Strada, the daughter of Vasco Strada, a famous former Exorcist and current Cardinal Priest of the Vatican.

Appearance Edit

Law is a tall, well-postured young man; showing leans, but toned body built, with height of 6’1ft. He ha a beautiful, black-blue & white hair; majorities of his hair are obscured and waved back, though some of it falls down on his forehead, forming a small bang, saving his little sideburns. To his left side, it was adorned with golden feather, coming over his left shoulder to rest in the front.

His most noticeable features were his large scar that starts from the left side of his forehead and goes down his neck and another smaller one that goes through his closed-shut left eye, while has a piercing right, black-grey eye. His eyes have faint shadows right under his eyes. Has many tribal-style tattoos on his arms; on both of his hands, are letters spelled as D.E.A.T.H. tattooed in black on each of the back of his fingers. Along with his unique tattoos, he has a unique, intricate tattoo that surrounds his right hand, which it was carved with intricate ice crystal-patterned designs with cross-star points at the top of his hand, which it resembles the constellation of southern cross, or the Crux.

Usually he wears an outfit of domino-gray shirts with long sleeves. Over his shirt, He wears a large black coat on his shoulders, much like a cape and added with yellow-golden Jolly Roger with the eight-pedal flower emblem surrounding the Jolly Roger. The sleeves were trimmed with “White wave-flowing stripes”. He wears a plain dark-blue pants kept closed with a thick, black and blue strap with two brown belts wrapped around and shoes, the latter of which have brown straps and triangular metal plating adorning them.

Personality (WIP) Edit

Law is an extremely laid-back character, who is nearly always seen calmly smiling. The only times he is shown not smiling was when he is incredibly shocked, explaining something to other people, frowning in deep thought, or deeply embarrassed such as his family are being ridiculous and idiotic despite their royal status.

After the time-skip of the Great War, he's not shown smiling as much anymore but usually has a more cautious, observing expression on his face, and smiles when he's trying to provoke someone or is pleased that a plan went as it was intended.

He also has a more reckless attitude when faced against other Devil nobles from the Underworld and labelled as a higher nuisance and threat. For example, he casually asked the Devil nobles how many people they had used and slain in their wealth and status, and had no qualms about flipping off Sirzechs Lucifer, one of the Four Great Satans of the Underworld, even smiling defiantly when doing so.

History Edit


Plot Edit


Power & Abilities (WIP) Edit

Immense Demonic Power: Being the direct son of the Original Lucifer, Law has an vast amount of demonic power. This was demonstrated when he is said to be one of the Golden Generations, who are considered as elite Ultimate-Class Devils that rivals the Four Great Maou in powers. Even Diehauser Belial, the strongest member of the Generation and champion of Rating Game, has stated that Law's demonic power and innate talents is worthy enough for him to become a Maou.

Specialized Demonic Power: Due to his interest in medical science and related topics, Law had developed his demonic powers to specialize in controlling the spatial dimension which it is treated as his "operation room". His Demonic Powers is so unique that among all the Devils besides Ajuka Beelzebub's Kankura Formula, only Law's Demonic Powers specializes in manipulations.

  • Voidchrome: It is Law's signature ability, which allows him to create a spherical territory of light blue aura. In this territory, he is capable of separating and spatially displacing anything and everything inside (including himself), referred to as that he can "operate" on anything within the spherical "operating room". 

Master Swordsman: Received direct tutelage from Souji Okita, a master of Tennen Rishin-ryu and Vasco Strada, Law is an extremely skillful master swordsman, which enable to overcome master swordsmen like Kiba and Xenovia with minimal effort. Using the King's Requiem, he could fight on equal level with Arthur Pendragon, a tremendously skilled master swordsman wielding Caliburn the strongest Holy Sword. Law also mastered several techniques of the "Shinsengumi-Kenjutsu." Amongst the techniques he was taught, he mastered the "Hirazuki" (left-handed stab) or the Gatotsu, the signature technique of 3rd Squad Captain of Shisengumi, Saitō Hajime, who was feared as the only left-handed sword user with his sword techniques are considered quite deadly, as the Gatotsu has only a precious few blind spots to be exploited. Despite the apparent inflexibility of using one attack repeatedly, it has many useful applications.

  • Gatotsu (牙突, Lit. "Fanged Thrust/Piercing Fang"): It is used by 3rd Squad Captain of Shisengumi, Saitō Hajime. It is a technique that part of the Hiratsuki/Hirazuki (created by the 2nd in Command of the Shinsengumi, Hijikata Toshizō). it is a technique where it was strategically well designed with a great destructive power and almost without dead angle (due to running with the left arm to perform the strike, there is a small blind spot that leaves the right side of the body exposed).

Immense Combat Skills: Law is an extremely powerful combatant, being able to slay even the most powerful beings relying solely on his own skills, being able to survive the Great War that consumed the very world.

Magic Talent: Law has also shown to be extremely talented in using magic, capable of learning different Magic and Sorcery in a very short period of time and was able to immediately use it during his fight with other supernatural beings.

  • Magic Neutralization: Law's immense experience and knowledge born from years and years of fighting against Magicians and those who use magic allows him to locate even the tiniest flaws in his opponents' magical attacks and neutralize them via applying his Voidchrome to very specific points on the magic attack.

Master Tactician: Due to his years of fighting and participating in the Great War, Law is a very calculative and observant person, as he studies and researches his enemies before he battles them so he can read their movements and attacks and counter them effectively.

Perceptive Combatant: Law is an extremely perceptive combatant, able to deduce the workings of most attacks instantly.

Immense Speed: Being the son of the Lucifer, Law possess supersonic speed that's beyond that of a Human being, which allows him to caught against High-Class Beings and monsters during the battle. After training and fighting for almost all of his life, he is capable of going up against Ultimate-Class Devils in terms of speed. This was demonstrated as during battle, where Law can swing the very heavy King's Requiem fast enough to match top-fighters such as Arthur Pendragon, or Tobio Ikuse's speed.

High Durandal Compatibility: Like his grandfather, Law has an incredibly high level of compatibility with the notoriously picky Durandal. His compatibility is so great that some recognizes that his ability to use Durandal equals that of Vasco Strada, the previous wielder who surpasses even that of Roland, the original wielder of Durandal.

Natural-born Holy Sword Wielder: Due to his grandfather's heritage, Law is a natural born Holy sword wielder with an extremely high compatibility with Durandal.

Flight: Being a half-devil, Law can fly using his Devil wings.

Equipment Edit


King's Requiem

King's Requiem: Law's primary weapon. A large, uniquely-shaped rectangular sword with a double edged blade adorned with a cross facing downward and a hilt that looks similar to that of a regular katana. King's Requiem is a unique sword at the point that it responds to the user due to its holy materials. It is revealed that the materials to forge this sword was the metallic alloy of Lost Hilt of Excalibur and replica of Durandal.

It was said to be one of the last three meito or famous blades and Holy swords made by the Two Great Swordsmith, Bruno Giovanna, who created many famous blades during his prime days.

The Blue Rose: He carries a custom made .45 caliber silver or nickel-plated revolver, a classic six-shot double-action with a top break reloading mechanism that fires .45 Long Colt ammunition. The engraving on the side of the gun describes it is a ".45 Long Colt UW Arms Factory" with wings around the "UW" as in Underworld. Law's revolver has the barrel aligned with the 6 o'clock chamber, not the 12 o'clock chamber as is the typical configuration of standard revolvers.

  • Further modifications the gun has are targeting sights, and porting on each barrel to reduce recoil and muzzle flip.
  • An obvious extra barrel underneath allowing for a double shot.
  • The cylinder has also been modified to release on the right to reload rather than the usual left, as Law shoots with his left hand.
  • The gun also has a molded wooden grip and an intricate blue rose design carved into the left side of the gun (hence the name).

Quotes Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Law's name and personality were inspired and based off from the character, Trafalgar D. Water Law from One Piece series.
  • Law's overall appearance is based off from Trafalgar D. Water Law from One Piece series.
  • Law's demonic powers, Voidchrome, is based off from a Chinese Manhwa called Feng Shen Ji's Monochrome.
  • Law's height is 182 cm. (6 feet - 6 feet 1 inches).
  • Law's hobbies are to research medical science & supernatural phenomena, cooking, and collecting vintage wines.
  • Law's favorite things to eat is Asian cuisines and his favorite drinks are vintage wines and whiskey.
  • Law's voice actors are Travis Hampton Willingham (English), who voiced Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Kamiya Hiroshi (Japanese), who voiced Trafalgar D. Water Law from One Piece series.

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