The peerage of Arceus D. Law consists of thirteen powerful reincarnated devils from different affiliations, kingdoms, and empires. All of the member's overall powers are at the levels, ranging from top-tier High-Class Devils, Ultimate-Class Devils to a few who is at Satan-Class Devils. They were found by Law himself during his travels from Three Great Factions, kingdoms, and empires.

Overview Edit

Lead by the son of the original Lucifer, Relius Lucifer, the thirteen devils under Law's leadership are powerful beings from other kingdoms, affiliation, and races. Law gathered them in many varied situations and twist of fates, which some were offered as a...rewards from different affiliations where Law "negotiated" with (in his case, it was mix of , threats, blackmailing, and etc.). Some were try to kill Law for his heritage, some were found in a miserable state, and some were offered in protection and dignified lives as long as they stay loyal to their King from the 72 Pillars.

Despite their immensely-skilled abilities, all of them are extremely inferior to their King, who is considered as "Strongest Devil" amongst the group due to his reputation as one of the Eight Warlords of the Underworld and being the son of the original Lucifer. Some mostly men treats Law with deep respect and camaraderie relationships while others mostly girls have gained affections for his cool and charismatic personality. Sirzechs noted that their relationship is half as deep as of a Gremory' a sarcastic and comical way.

All of them wear their own variations of the clothed designs, but main features are remained where they had the emblem of the House of Lucifer. 

Arceus D. Law's Peerage is noted to be one of the strongest from the Underworld, because it is belonging to one of the Eight Warlords of the Underworld who consists mostly made of powerful beings that had gathered from other kingdoms, affiliation, and races. His peerage is also noted to be one of the strongest amongst the other warlords, ranking at 3rd amongst them. It was noted by Diehauser Belial, one of the warlords and champion of the Rating Game that if Law and his peerage would continue to grow strong, they would become the new champion with no time spared.

Members (WIP's) Edit

The Peerage is lead by Arceus D. Law, and consists in 1 King, 1 Queen (Mutation Piece), 2 bishops (1 Bishop, 1 Mutation Bishop Piece), 2 knights (1 Knight, 1 Mutation Knight Piece), 2 rooks, and 5 pawn (1 Mutation, 1 pawn worth x2, 5 pawns worth x1 each), making it total of 14. All of his servants were reincarnated mix of normal, Unused Evil Pieces and Mutation Pieces (4 totals).

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