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Light of the Lake
Kana Earondaito
Romaji エアロンダイ
Other Names Light of the Lake
Holy Knight Sword
Ultimate Dragon Slayer
Butcher of Dragons
Type Holy Sword
Wielder(s) Sir Lancelot (Original Wielder)
Galahad Du Lac (Current)

Arondight is one of the holy swords made by God of the Bible and known as the Holy Knight Sword and the Light of the Lake.


Arondight is the Light of the Lake that chose Sir Lancelot has its user. It is one of the two swords wielded by the Legendary Knight of Britain, the Sir Lancelot of Camelot. In the hands of Sir Lancelot killed many dragons who attacked Britain, this sword has bathed in so much blood that it sought out dragons who were close by. One of the two only holy swords to not be kept under the control of the Church or Heaven after the Great War, but by the Du Lac Family. Arondight is currently wielded by Galahad Du Lac a former member of the Du Lac Family and a member of the Hero Faction.  


In the hands of Galahad, Arondight takes the appearance of a golden broadsword with a grayish blue edge, a large U-shaped golden guard that has unique writing engraved on it. 

Abilities Edit

Arondight is a holy sword with powerful dragon-slaying abilities imbued into it. It can generate a massive holy aura surpassing both Excalibur and Durandal and is only trumped by Caliburn; its dragon-slaying abilities are strong enough to cut through the scales of high-tier dragons and is powerful enough to earn it the title of Ultimate Dragon Slayer. Due to it bathing in the blood of different dragons, Arondight gained the ability to alter its weight and appearance to match its wielder's preference.


  • Arondight resembles Excalibur Proto from Fate/Stay Night.

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