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"Allow me to show you the might of the Heaven's Blade in my hands. As I send you on a one way trip to the Netherworld!"

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Light of the Lake
Kana Earondaito
Romaji エアロンダイ
Other Names Light of the Lake
Holy Knight Sword
Ultimate Dragon Slayer
Butcher of Dragons
Type Holy Sword
Abilities Changing its shape/weight to match its wielders' fighting style and paramters
Dragon Slayer
Wielder(s) Sir Lancelot (Original Wielder)
Galahad Du Lac (Current)

Arondight, a holy sword famous as a Dragon Slayer, known as the Holy Knight Sword and the Light of the Lake.


Arondight is the known as the Light of the Lake that chooses the perfect Knight as its holder. This is one of the swords wielded by the Legendary Knight of France, Sir Lancelot. In the hands of Sir Lancelot, it has slain many dragons who attacked Camalot and has bathed in the blood of several dragons to the point where it would seek out the closest dragons nearby. Arondight is one of the two swords that wasn't kept under the control of the Church or Heaven but held by the Du Lac Household.

Arondight is currently held by the former Head Paladin, Galahad Du Lac a former member of the Du Lac Household and member of the Hero Faction.


Arondight is a unique sword that alters itself to match the fighting style of its wielder. In the hands of Galahad, Arondight takes on the form of a golden double-edged broadsword with a U-shaped golden guard and a two-handed hilt.


Arondight is a unique sword to the point where it changes itself to match the parameters of its wielder. It is the second-strongest holy sword after Caliburn and it can generate a massive amount of holy aura that surpasses both Excalibur and Durandal. This is a holy sword that has been imbued with strong Dragon-Slaying abilities to the point where it can injure a High-Tier Dragon; as a result of bathing in the blood of dragons, the blades sharpness and dragon-slayer abilities are increased to the point where it became known as the Ultimate Dragon Slayer.


  • Arondight resembles Caliburn from Ao No Exorcist.