Arondight(Longsword Form)
Kana アロンダイト
Romaji Arondaito
Other Names The Unfading Light of the Lake
Type Holy Sword(Former)

Demonic Sword

Forms Longsword


Abilities Dragon Slayer Abilities
Wielder(s) Sir Lancelot Du Lac(Former)

Hiro Akihiko(Current)

Arondight, also known as the Unfading Light of the Lake, is a former demonic sword wielded by Lancelot that is the counterpart of King Arthur's Excalibur.


Albeit different from Excalibur since it wasn't made by any being from the mythology of the Bible, it was instead made by fairies from the Norse mythology and was given to Lancelot du Lac.

After Lancelot's death and betrayal, the sword was retrieved by the Devil's side and ever since then was kept by the house of Zagan as one of it's treasures.

Currently, it is being wielded by Hiro Akihiko. The servant of the heiress of the House of Zagan, Rudori Zagan, after in which the heiress gave the blade to him in order to defeat Riser Phoenex of the House of Phoenix.


In it's initial form, it takes the form of a pitch-black sword which glows blue when shined upon by light. It also has chains on it's hilt which is in the shape of an arc.

In it's broadsword form, it takes the form of a large single edged broadsword that exceeds even the wielder's height and is very sharp, being able to cut through anything.

Arondight(Broadsword Form)


As a longsword, it has all the abilities a Dragon Slayer can possess. It is an extremely dangerous weapon against Dragons thus, it became one of the weapons used by the Devil's side to defend against possible Dragon-attackers.

It also possesses the abilities that a Demonic Sword possesses, that being the ability to kill Fallen Angels and Angels.

As a broadsword, it loses it's Dragon Slayer abilities in exchange for high destructive power as well as the ability to cut through anything. Despite the increase in size, it still is as light as when it was a longsword.

It retains it's Demonic Sword properties, and gains the ability to summon round azure colored discs to use either as platforms or as shields. Although, if this is due to Hiro wielding it, or is it a latent ability possessed by the sword, is unknown.



As a longsword, it is a normal Dragon Slayer and a Demonic Sword(similar to Gram)


As a broadsword, it is a Demonic Sword with high destructive power and extreme cutting ability.


  • Arondight's appearance(Longsword) is based off of a sword of the same name in the Fate/Zero anime wielded by Berserker(Lancelot).
  • Arondight's(Longsword) abilities are also based off of the same sword wielded by Berserker from the Fate/Zero anime with a little bit of Gram on the side.
  • Arondight's appearance (Broadsword) is based off of Inori Yuzuriha's Void from the Guilty Crown anime.
  • Arondight's(Broadsword) abilities are also based off of the same object from the Guilty Crown anime.
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