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I guess you weren't just prepared for the...element of surprise!

–Astaroth's cheesy battle cry




Kana アスタロス
Romaji Asutarosu
Race Devil
Nicknames Gramps
Bibi Roth
Hair Color Black
Blonde (true form)
Eye Color Brown
Unidentified (true form)
Equipment Spear of Astaroth
Personal Status
Relatives Lucifer (creator)
Lord Astaroth (grandson)
Lady Astaroth (granddaughter-in-law)
Ajuka Beelzebub (great-grandson)
Diodora Astaroth (great-grandson) †
Affiliations House Astaroth
Status N/A
Ranking Demon
Prince of Hell

Astaroth is a "bored-as-Heaven" Demon who is considered to be the main protagonist of the not-story A Cruel Angel's Thesis. He initially represents the Underworld and its interests in procuring the Second Coming of Jesus, but ultimately, along with Metatron and Scathach, decides to use the newborn infant for his own ends.

Astaroth was the founder and initial Lord of the Astaroth family. He notes that much of the family's initial expansion was by his efforts, and that his heirs have mostly "encroached" on his efforts. He fought in the Great War, although his fellow Princes Vassago and Gremory derided him for not participating enough. Still, he boasts of helping to kill the Seraph Ramiel. 

At some point after the war, Astaroth retired and left the administration of the Astaroth fief to his son, and left to parts unknown. He ended up returning when the Second Coming of Jesus was announced, coming out of retirement to save House Astaroth's reputation by seizing for Hell the baby Jesus, but it seems that fate has strange plans....


To most people, Astaroth appeared as a middle-aged human man- just another face that blended in the crowd. He has a kindly smile, but just as quick it can disappear to be replaced by an "iron scowl." He wears a black, two-piece suit, and loafers. In his true form, Astaroth is a nude man wearing a mask, with flowing blonde hair. He rides a great snake and has two bird-like wings, wielding a spear.

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