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"Fear me, for I am the darkness that lies in the abyss"

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Aurora Buer

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"The Princess of the Moon"
Kana 極光不二 (オーロラビュール)
Romaji Ōrora (əˈrôrə)
Race Pure Blooded Devil
Nicknames "The Princess of the Moon", "The Blonde Fox Spirit", Workaholic (by Ichiro), and The Fair Princess of Kuoh
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Equipment Tessen (fan-sword)
Personal Status
Relatives Lord Buer (father)

Lady Buer (mother/Formerly Lady Sitri)

Rosalie Buer (older sister)

Prince Manjoume Buer (older brother)

Sona Sitri (cousin)

Serafall Leviathan (cousin)

Affiliations Her Peerage

Disciplinary Committee (leader) Midnight Dragon Dance Club (manager)

Status Alive
Ranking High Class Devil

Aurora Buer is the main female protagonist of the fan-fiction DxD: Dragons of the Apocalypse. She is the devil of the Buer Clan, a clan that is considered extinct due to the low member count but her family is currently trying to raise the number by using arrange marriages by making deals with other families and the evil piece system. She is the president of both the Disciplinary Committee and The Midnight Dragons Dance Club. She is known around school as "The Wonderland Princess". She is a 2nd year student at Kuoh Academy of 17 years of age.

Despite the fact that her family is very wealth and the members are very powerful (her brother is ranked one of the top 10 in the Rating Games) her family still doesn't have that much power and influence because of the low member count. She is the master of __________who is her first servant in the entire series.

Appearance Edit

Aurora is a very beautiful 17 year old girl with long blonde hair which she grew out to resemble Rias's and shining light blue eyes. She gained the nickname "The Fair Princess of Kuoh" or "The Wonderland Princess" partly because of the innocent look on her face. She is usually seen around school wearing the Kuoh Academy female school uniform, which consists of a white long-sleeved, button-down shirt (short sleeves for spring/summer) with a black ribbon on her shirt collar worn under a black shoulder cape and a matching button-down corset, a magenta skirt with white accents, and brown dress shoes over white crew-length socks. Her figure is slender and she appears fairly petite with fair skin that resembles Ichiro's.

Outside of school she is known to wear casual jeans and shirts, and sometimes summer dresses.

During Rating Games in order to represent her family the best she wears clothes that would represent the family colors (white blue and white) so she wears a cerulean blue knee-length dress, with a white pinafore apron on top. Underneath her dress, she wears a white petticoat, white stockings, white knee-length pantalettes, black strapped Mary Jane shoes and a blue bow in her hair.

Personality Edit

Being raised by a family of nobles and despite her innocent look she is known to be snarky, headstrong, arrogant, bossy, violent, and uncaring. Despite this she first appears to be ditsy to most people at times for example, when she arrived at the Kuoh Academy orientation speech late and screamed "wait for me" which left the entire auditorium speechless. Aurora repeatedly fights with _________, especially when she tries to get him to wait tables at the dance club they work at. Her uncaring side is shown during her first Rating Game when she pushes ________ to continue to fight, despite him having been knocked down repeatedly.

  • Sona and Rias scolds her for this but at the beginning she ignores their advice until _______ almost dies which then causes her to change this way.

I______ calls her a "workaholic" due to her taking up both the disciplinary committee and the dance club at the same time and refusing the help from Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri to help her handle despite it being obvious that she needs it. She also stays up late in the night in order to also complete her schoolwork and any paperwork from both things on time.

Aurora has a bit of a inferiority complex due to growing up with a family of nobles, she was usually ignored by her father and her older siblings due to not growing up with natural talent like her brother and sister. She sought comfort in her mother who, unlike her father was a very loving and caring person.

At times Aurora shows her kindness and naturally cares for her peerage which causes her father to call her weak and sentimental. Later in the series it is revealed that she pushed herself hard to live up to her father's expectations but never could due to her older siblings both being much stronger and better at her in practically everything. This feeling of inadequacy causes her to seek refuge in her mind where she creates a world called "Wonder Town" which is full of kind creatures that love and respect her for who she is. During the series she reveals a notebook to Ichiro which features drawing after drawings of this world.

Aurora suffers from ophidiophobia, a intense fear of snakes due to when she was young, a snake egg that she had hatched and raised bit her after a year of her caring for it. She has the scar on the left side of her neck to prove it.

Aurora also shows intense jealousy for Rias because she has servants that instantly love her the second she turns them for example: Issei. Meanwhile she has to work hard to gain Ichiro's love. She also shows jealousy because of Rias's "more womanly curves". She also dislikes the fact that the boys around school give Rias more attention and affection than her even showing anger during the school's festival of chocolate where Rias got twice more chocolate from boys than she did. She also holds some jealousy for Sona because of the way she can make people instantly respect her and because of her intelligence.

She later becomes a comfort for ________Ichiro and he becomes a comfort for her due to their shared relationship: she was the first person who pulled him out of the darkness of his mind and he was the first person that respected her as a master and as a woman instead of seeing her as a child. Aurora also shows a blood thirst side and refuses to show mercy to those she sees as wrongdoers and evil, something that ________ enjoys about her.

  • She constantly tries to make _______ jealous by flirting with various boys at school but this is shown not to work and Ichiro shows indifference for it.
  • She also reveals herself to share ______s fear of being alone. Always arguing with him when he does something that could potentially end his life.

History Edit

Being the third child of the Buer family, her father constantly put her down because of her low power levels and because she couldn't live up to his expectations she sought refuge in her mother who told her that she would help train her into a strong warrior. Her mother than trains her into the Sitri's family ice magic while her father paid no attention to her she tries learns Buer clan abilities by mimicking her brother and sister technique.

When her brother became one of the top ten of the Rating Game that's when her father got angry and abusive at her telling her that the clan didn't need another lost cause but her mother always protected her from his abusive ways.

It is revealed that her brother and sister did everything they could to protect her from their father's abusive ways. Her sister was the one who taught her how to use the Tessen weapon and it was her brother who taught her how to manipulate the family's plant magic and the natural chakra around them.

When she finally gets enough power to rise to the rank of a high class devil her father instantly sends her away to live with Sona, her cousin in Kuoh. Sona said she loves the girl but can't stand her ditsy moments at time and she also says she doesn't like her bossy and snarky moments either.

Some point before the series, her father puts her in a arrange marriage with a man by the name of Shiro Belphegor, not caring about the eight (her 17 to his 25) year age difference, her brother and sister tried to protest but were powerless to stop him.

Plot Edit

To Be Announced

Powers & Abilities Edit

Demonic Powers: Due to being a devil she possesses natural demonic powers, she has shown the ability to alter memories, for example: she did this when a ordinary human caught her and her peerage fighting a stray devil

  • Water and Ice Manipulation: Due to her mother being from the Sitri Clan, she was taught advance ice and water manipulation able to make barriers of ice, and animals out of water with ease. During one battle she created a bear out of water and the claws out of ice which made it so she could move the water with ease while maintaining the deadliness of the ice claws. Aurora has also shown to wave her Tessen fan while using ice magic to freeze the air and any opponents at the same time.

Demonic Chakra: The true technique of the House of Buer, the ability to manipulate the natural chakra in the world and in living things but combining it with their demonic nature which makes strange demonic chakra.

  • Plant Manipulation: Aurora's primary skillset is the use of her demonic chakra to manipulate plants. Typically, this is done by taking some plant, like a seed or a flower, and transforming it into some form of demonic plant or a weapon. She typically uses plants from the human world but she has shown to use plants native to the Underworld.
  • Yoko Form: Being from the house of Buer she possess the ability to transform herself into a fox demon, which gives her a pair of fox ears and nine fox tails. In this form she is ruthless, uncaring, much more cruel, vindictive, and merciless, while retaining all of her intellectual capabilities. She also looks slightly older. She enjoys toying with her enemies in a sadistic manner which causes _______ to call this form "The True Face of Buer". This form is the reason she gained the name "the princes of the moon" due to now being able to absorb lunar energy and launching beams of lunar attacks. Even repeatedly manipulating energy through her Tessen fan.

Flight: Being a devil she is capable of basic flight although she has shown that by using her demonic chakra into her wings it causes them to transform from normal devil wings into plant like wings which resembles that of leaves which boosts the speed of her wings.

Equipment Edit


Tessen: Her primary weapon, a Japanese battle fan that is a giant fan with bladed edges that when folded up will make a sword. She mostly uses this weapon as a way to manipulating ice through the air by freezing it as she blows the fan. The giant fan is also capable of splitting into two smaller fans when needed.

Rose Whip: By taking a ordinary rose in the human world and combining it with her demonic chakra, it creates a a long thorny whip that's capable of cutting even through steel. She has shown to be able to manipulate it even at one point tangling it in her hair to conceal it from the enemy.


"Not the Rabbit you want to mess with"

White Rabbit: Her familiar who helps guide her, she usually carries him around school and he will pretend to be a normal rabbit. He usually talks to Aurora and helps track time for her (he has a obsession with time repeatedly shouting when Aurora is late). He is also very intelligent and uses a gun filled with magic bullets to aid Aurora in battle. Aurora explains she doesn't call him bu his actual name and just calls him R.L.

Trivia Edit

Aurora's birthday is the same as Rias's (April 9th) despite her being a year younger.

Aurora has shown a dislike for human world food describing it as bland and tasteless, the only exception being mint chocolate chip ice-cream.

Aurora shows numerous similarities with Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Both being huge daydreamers and lovers of fantasy and imagination. the world Aurora creates called "Wonder Town" is really a reflection of Wonderland. Even Aurora's familiar is a reflection on the white rabbit character.

Quotes Edit

He's not evil he's... angry. Dark. Doesn't feel safe and doesn't know what to do about it. He wishes he could control his demons instead of having his demons control him. He's lost. Alone

–Aurora arguing with Sona over ______

"Don't scare me like that you fucking idiot...I would be alone without you"-Aurora to _____ after he fights off a group of exorcists alone.

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