Heavens Blade 4

"Allow me to show you the might of the Heaven's Blade in my hands. As I send you to a one way trip to the Netherworld!"

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Avalon Drakon
Chibi 5
Avalon Drakon, the Evil Banishing Dragon
Kana アバロン・ドラコン
Romaji Avaron Dorakon
Other Names Dragon of Banishment
Type Sacred Gear
Offensive/Defensive Type
Forms Avalon Heroic Sword
Avalon Paladin Guardian
Abilities Barrier Generation
Energy Projection
Weapon Transformation
Wielder(s) Lancelot Du Lac

Avalon Drakon, also known as Dragon of the Banishment, an Independent Avatar-Type Sacred Gear wielded by Lancelot Du Lac.


In the past, God of the Bible found and sealed the soul of an Ancient High-Tier Dragon residing on the Legendary Island, Avalon named Avon inside a blue jewel that was being prepped to be made into a sacred gear, but it couldn't due to the dragon being in a short-term hibernation. 

In Volume 4, after the battle between one of the Leader-Class Fallen Angels from Grigori, Kokabiel. Lancelot was given the jewel by his mother and uncle, two of the Four Great Seraph, who held the faith that Lancelot would be the one who would complete it. Due to him being in hibernation at the time, even during one of his investigation of the jewel, Lancelot couldn't sense a single bit of its presence. During Azazel's fight with the descendant of the original Leviathan, Katerea, upon him using the Downfall Dragon Spear's Pseudo Balance Breaker: Down Fall Dragon Another Armor; the dragon inside began to wake up after sensing the power of the Dragon King; then it was proven after both Issei and Vali started their battle against one another.

Chibi 4

In Volume 5, during a ceremony that was initiated by Lancelot during the summer break, he fully was able to fully complete the sacred gear, Avalon Drakon. And during a mission that Lancelot and the others had, Avon tagged along and gained the ability to transform into another weapon through his team work with Lancelot. Further training after the events of Volume 6 allowed Lancelot awakened its Balance Breaker: Avalon Drakon Guardian.


Being a dragon, Avon is still vulnerable to Dragon-Slaying Magics, Swords, and Curses. This weakness also implies when Lancelot uses his Balance Breaker and other forms.


Avalon Drakon takes the form of a small white dragon around twice the size as Asia's familiar, Rassei, but with a blue jewel embedded into its forehead.

When Avalon Drakon gained the ability to transform into the Avalon Heroic Sword, it takes the appearance of an ornate double-edged platinum colored longsword with a double-handed blue hilt, a unique sword guard and a blue jewel embedded into the sword guard. 


Avalon Drakon has the ability to summon a white dragon capable of moving independently from its wielder with its own instincts and intelligence. The dragon has the ability to fire off a beam of energy from its mouth, which can harm beings weak against light: like Devils, Vampires, and other beings; its secondary ability allows it to create a barrier that can defend against both physical attack and magical attacks.

In Volume 5, Avalon Drakon gains the ability to transform into a different weapon; the Avalon Heroic Sword, it allows Lancelot to fire off a focused beam of light from its blade, this form can also harm and also vaporize evil spirits, and it can repel magic.


Sword Form: Avalon Heroic SwordEdit

Avalon Heroic Sword (追放の聖剣ヒローイック・アバロン・ソード, Tsuihō no Seiken): also known as the Holy Sword of Banishment, is the Sword Form later gained by Avalon Drakon and is utilized by Lancelot Du Lac. This transforms into a double-edged ornate longsword with gold designs on the blade, a blue jewel embedded into the sword guard and a blue double-handed hilt. This sword has the ability to fire off an energy wave from its blade, which can vaporize evil spirits, and repel magic; as explained by Avon, it's also far more proficient in terms of properly channeling power through.

Avalon Drakon GuardianEdit

Avalon Drakon Guardian (竜騎士の鎧アバロン・ドラコン・ガーディアン, Abaron Dorakon Gādian): also known as the Holy Shroud of the Royal Guardian, this is his the Balance Breaker of Avalon Drakon which creates an invisible shroud of invisible mist in the form of a dragon-like entity and is sometimes visible due to the light coming from the sun. This shroud protects him from all sides against physical and an even greater defend from magic attacks. Lancelot theorized that it may be possible for him to form an expanding barrier of mist that can nullify the magic of others, but this also includes his own. After being almost defeated by the hands of Gilgamesh during their initial confrontation, he trained intensely with Power-Types like Sairaorg and Issei in order to further develop his balance breaker's full abilities to the limits. It evolved to the point where it takes the form of any form of clothes of his choosing. This grants Lancelot a far greater resistance to various forms of physical, energy-based attack (such as heat/cold), and granting him a far greater resistance to magic attacks such as Issei's Dragon Blaster and Crimson Blaster.


  • The Sacred Gear Avalon Drakon references the Legendary Island mentioned in Arthurian Legends. It also references to the Greek word Drakon, meaning "serpent, giant seafish" both referring to a great serpent.
  • Azazel stated that this sacred gear could be considered as a sub-species, especially since a regular form of it wasn't recorded due to being inactive.
  • If Avon wasn't sealed away in the Avalon Drakon, then he would have been one of the Strongest amongst the Dragon Kings.
  • The base appearance of the Independent Avatar-Type Sacred Gear Avalon Drakon is based off Chibi or Senkoukura from the series Dragon Drive.
    • Avalon Drakon Sword Form: Avalon Heroic Sword is based on Layfon Alsief's Heaven's Blade: Wolfstein from Chrome Shelled Regios.
    • Avalon Drakon Balance Breaker: Avalon Paladin Guardian is based on Berserker's ability "For Someone's Glory: Not for One's Own Glory" from Fate/Zero.