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The Avalon Team (アバロン・ティーム, Abaron Tiimu) is a special team that was founded by Kazuki Hyoudou, the current holder of the Mid-Tier Longinus, Divine Dividing and the spirit of the Vanishing Dragon, the White Dragon Emperor, Albion. The entire team is made up of the main species known in the Human World and Mythology. Every member of the Avalon Team each carries an ability that they are talented in and their own very unique characteristics. The members of the Avalon Team are categorized as Technique and Wizard-Types.

Summary Edit

The Avalon Team was first thought up by Kazuki after he met up with and then given advice by one of the former possessors of Divine Dividing Sir Lancelot, who was known as the 'Strongest Male White Dragon Emperor'. Its name was thought up by Kazuki due to him being the wielder of the holy sword, Arondight that was found on the legendary island of Avalon. He began to officially form his own team through the summer break, they are made up of different races in the world with special traits and talents. None of the members of the Avalon Team are personally affiliated with the Three Factions leaders, except for both Raynare and Mittlet. The members of the Avalon Team, trusts and follows Kazuki's judgment and orders without questioning him.

Members Edit

  • Kazuki Hyoudou
  • Raynare
  • Mittelt
  • Yumi Kiba
  • Konoka Konoe
  • Nagi Springfield
  • Sieghart
  • Kiyoko Narukami
  • Asuna Kagurazaka
  • Leonardo

Kazuki Hyoudou: The Founder/Leader of the Avalon Team. Kazuki is the younger brother of Issei Hyoudou and the current wielder of the Longinus, Divine Dividing, which holds the spirit of the Vanishing Dragon, Albion sealed inside of it. Making him the direct rival of his older brother, Issei, the current wielder of the Longinus, Boosted Gear, which has the spirit of the Welsh Dragon, Ddraig. He is the strongest member of the team, who is also a user of Dragon Slayer Magic and later become one of the only two Jokers in Heaven by Gabriel. Kazuki holds great trust in the members of his teammates.

Raynare: The Vice-Leader of the Avalon Team. She is a Fallen Angel who is a member of the organization known as Grigori and acts as an assistant for both Azazel and Shemhazai. Raynare was complimented by Azazel to be one of the most talented Fallen Angels he's ever seen in years, through the summer break with Azazel she was able to become a six-winged Fallen Angel. She is also deeply in love with Kazuki and acts as the leader whenever he is somewhere else.

Mittlet: The Supporter of the Avalon Team. Mittlet is a Fallen Angel from Grigori who works under both Azazel and Shemhazai, she is also Kazuki's adoptive younger sister who was originally a part of the plot to steal Asia's Sacred Gear. Over the summer break she trained with Azazel, she became a four-winged Fallen Angel and specializes in Support Magic.

Yumi: The Swordswoman of the Avalon Team. Yumi is the only known orphan who survived the Holy Sword Project and is a Natural-Born Holy Sword wielder. She is also the younger twin sister of Yuuto Kiba, a member of the Gremory Group. Yumi later became the only one capable of using the Last Holy Sword created by God of the Bible, known as Galatine and was later reincarnated as Gabriel's Ace.

Konoka Konoe: The Healer of the Avalon Team. Konoka was originally a resident of the Kansai Magical Association located in Kyoto and the granddaughter of their leader. She is also the daughter of a powerful and very renowned healer. Konoka possesses a large amount of magical power and possesses the ability to heal almost any injury and ailment.

Nagi Springfield: The Magician of the Avalon Team. He is a Shinso/Human (Magician) hybrid, the child of an immensely powerful Mage and a powerful Shinso-Vampire. Nagi inherited his parent's powerful genes, possessing a large amount of magical power, along with their Forbidden Magic, Magia Erebea.

Sieghart: Sieghart is a former member of the Orthodox Church and descendant of the original Siegfried, the wielder of the Demonic Emperor Sword and slayer of the Dragon King, Fafnir. He is a Dragon/Human hybrid, who wields black flames in combat and due to his strong dragon heritage, he is capable of donning a black draconic armor. He is also the child of the strongest of the Evil Dragons, Crom Cruach and is technically classed as one.

Kiyoko Narukami: Kiyoko is a Raijū (Thunder Beast) from Japanese Myth, whose parents were working with Raijin the God of Thunder, Lightning, and Storm. As a Youkai she can use Senjutsu and Youjutsu, which she mastered to the point where she can manipulate time, she also controls lightning and Touki.

Asuna Kagurazaka: Asuna is the last daughter of the Twilight Kingdom. Asuna was born with an unknown ability the can cancel out magical abilities and can channel it through a large single-edged sword.

Leonardo: Leonardo is a child who was originally a brainwashed member of the Hero Faction before he was freed and joined Kazuki in the Avalon Team. Despite being a child he's the wielder of one of the four strongest Longinus Sacred Gear, the High-Tier Longinus, Annihilation Maker.

Trivia Edit

  • Avalon is a legendary island in Arthurian Legend, it's also said to be the location where Excalibur was first forged. And the final resting place of King Arthur.
  • The only members of the Avalon Team, who wields a Sacred Gears is Kazuki Hyoudou and Leonardo.
  • Three Members of the Avalon Team are based on characters from Mahou Negima.
  • The members of the Avalon Team mainly consist of reincarnated Angels, Fallen Angels, Youkai, and Humans.