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"Allow me to show you the might of the Heaven's Blade in my hands. As I send you to a one way trip to the Netherworld!"

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Azure Dragon Spear
Spear of the East
Kana アジャー・ドラゴン・スピア
Romaji Ajā Doragon Supia
Other Names Sacred Spear of the Azure Dragon
Spear of the East
Type Sacred Gear (Guardian)
Forms Spear
Sacred Armor
Abilities Generate/Control Lightning
Lightning Summoning
Wielder(s) Yuuma Amano

Azure Dragon Spear, also known as a Sacred Gear wielded by Yuuma Amano, which is listed as a Guardian Sacred Gear, it has one the Four Guardian Sacred Beasts of China, the Eastern Dragon, Qīnglóng, residing within it.


Azure Dragon Spear takes the appearance of a very ornate cobalt spear with different Chinese writing written along the base of the spear, with an eastern dragon design wrapped around the length of the spear and a blue crystal bladed tip.


In the past, the God of the Bible discovered the spirits of the Four Guardian Sacred Beasts of China, which were stated to be one par with the Five Dragon Kings. To keep the balance of China, he sealed the Azure Dragon, Qīnglóng, sealed inside of the Azure Dragon Spear. Qīnglóng was known to fly in the sky while dancing with the lightning during a storm. The Azure Dragon Spear is currently in the possession of Yuuma Amano, the daughter of the leader of the Grigori. Through her years of training, Yuuma became able to master the Azure Dragon Spear and became able to use the ability, the Breakdown the Beast.


The Azure Dragon Spear is a bladed spear with that ability to cut through almost any attack and the ability to channel electricity through the blade and paralyze their opponent. It also gives their user the ability to generate lightning through the blade to increase the spears cutting power. With the spirit of the Sacred Guardian of the East, Qīnglóng sealed inside of it, their user will some be able to summon lightning from the very sky and become it becomes even stronger when directed towards the east.

Weaknesses Edit

With Qīnglóng sealed within the Azure Dragon Spear, its possessors become vulnerable to Dragon-Slaying Magic, Swords and Curses as if they were Dragons themselves.


Azure Dragon: Sacred Armor Edit

Azure Dragon: Sacred Armor: (青竜の神聖鎧アジャー・ドラゴン・セークリッド・アーマー, Ajā Doragon: Sēkuriddo Āmā): Also known as the Sacred Armor of the Azure Dragon, Is the Balance Breaker of the Azure Dragon Spear. This manifests a sleek blue dragon-themed armor with sky blue jewels matching her physical stature and adds the power of the Azure Dragon, Qīnglóng to herself, which results in an increase in Yuuma's power, abilities, defenses, and speed, which is increased to the point where she can move at lightning speed.