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Azure Thunder
Kana 紺碧雷鳴
Romaji Konpeki Raimei
Other Names Lightning Sword of the Thunder God
Type Sacred Gear
Forms Grand Chariot
Abilities Produce and manipulate lightning

Azure Thunder (紺碧雷鳴 Konpeki Raimei), also know as the Lightning Sword of the Thunder God. Its a Sacred Gear belonging to a member of Leon Sitri's peerage.


This sword is rumored to have a powerful lightning spirit sealed inside but no one knows any details.


Azure Thunder is a short sword with a blue handle and guard that curves down. There is a thin opening at the top of the blade. It somewhat resembles a cutlass.


The sword can generate and control electricity and lightning itself. The user can freely regulate the voltage and amps of the lightning; from simply rendering someone unconscious to more severe damage, possibly killing someone.


Grand Chariot

In its Balance Breaker, Grand Chariot, it covers the user in dark blue armor which increases their overall strength and defense. The user can generate lightning freely and use it to increase their power even further. A spear can be summoned to use in combat.


  • The profile picture, the Balance Breaker name, and armor are all from the anime Akame Ga Kill.

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