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Belial's Peerage.


Belial (King) Mashiro Ha (Queen)
A male, ranked as top 2. Known as the Rating Game's former champion. His peerage members are all loyal to him, another thing special about him. A female, ranked as top 2 [Queen]. Known to hold strength almost equaling to Belial's whole peerage.
Yanderu Koujiro (Bishop) Shibata Kirino (Bishop)
A male, ranked as top 2. As his name suggests, he's a real freak. But, still, his magic is not to be compared. He's said to have such a powerful magic, being capable to destroy the whole Underworld, casting simple magic casts, using not really strong magic. Another thing is that even though he's crazy, he's a great stragegist when needed to be one. A female, ranked as top 5. Known for being a very capable magician even before being reincarnated as a Devil by Belial, due to her being a hybrid of a Valkyrie and of a Human, making her an excellent magician, even befroe getting reincarnated by the one which is her current master, Belial.
Miki Shino (Knight) Iri Shino (Knight)
A male, ranked as top 10. He and Iri Shino are known for their incomparable teamwork. A male, ranked as top 5. He and Miki Shino are known for their incomparable teamwork.
J'anne Toshi (Rook) Edward Schwartze (Rook)
A female, ranked as top 6. Known for being a smart [Rook], using her brains and not just brute force, nor just powerful attacks, despite being a [Rook]. A male, ranked as top 4. Known for being a great strategist, being a great help during wars and skirmishes.
Marihara D'ark (Pawn) Shinji Toudou (Pawn)
A male, ranked as top 3 [Pawn]. Known for being a real time strategist. Proved by his participation as a strategist during hard wars and turning the tables, doing it smoothly, with ease, atop of that. A male, ranked as top 15. Known to be very strange as he almost never uses promotion, for some unknown reason.
Adolf Weiss (Pawn) Lucy Maria (Pawn)
A male, ranked as top 5. Seems like he has some black past. He is known for being weird, because for some reason, he refuses to use promotion to [Queen], despite not refusing to use promotion to either [Knight], [Rook], or [Bishop]. A female, ranked as top 10. In terms of power, she is up and high, but in terms of being a strategist, she's just another failure. Meaning, in other words, she's a power idiot.
Harry Livan (Pawn) Maya Abbadon (Pawn)
A male, ranked as top 22 Pawn. He doesn't have any problems with promotions, not to [Queen], nor to [Rook], nor to [Knight], nor to [Bishop], nor styaing without promotion. A female, ranked as top 18 [Pawn]. She is very tough opponent, and mustn't be one to think and actually underestimate her.
Eli Phoenix (Pawn) Shin Takami (Pawn)
A female, ranked as top 12 Pawn. She is a strong-willed Pawn. So much, she is willing to do everything for her master, Belial. A male, ranked as top 7. Overall, he isn't that special, surprisingly enough.


  • Belial's peerage is the only peerage shown full in High School DxD: Revival.
  • Belial's peerage is a full set, just like Raiser Phoenix's (from the original High School DxD), which might make him a counter-part to him.

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