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The King Berolina and her queen, Ichijou Tsukino.

The peerage lead by Berolina Gremory, occasionally also by Ichijou Tsukino, is the core group in Highschool DxD: Legacy,as well as the second strongest in Kuoh academy, right after Serena Sitri's own. Formed mostly by former humans/hybrids and being the youngest peerage right after the great Apocalypse, the group is unstable at best, only hold together by their sense of companionship and the desire of their king to become similar to the previous Gremory peerage.

Since their queen is currently engaged to Irene Dantalion, Berolina's group is afiliated and allies with her peerage. The group is also somehow part of the protagonist's own harem, much for his chagrin.

Overview Edit

The group was officially a peerage with the reincarnation of their Queen Ichijou Tsukino, as the first piece in Berolina's own peerage during her first semester in Kuoh Academy. As the series progresses, more and more members began to take their places as new pieces for her. By the end of Volume 9, the peerage would would consist of 6 members, as Annabelle went stray after volume 4. So far, the peerage engaged and lost in only one Rating Game.

Members Edit

As for Volume 9, The group consists in six members: One King, one Queen, One Knight, One rook and two Bishops, the remaining pieces being one knight, one rook and a full set of pawns. In Volume 9, it is revealed that all the pieces in Berolina's possession are Mutation Pieces, hinting her further potential. The whole group is composed of all former humans/hybrid.

Berolina Gremory (King) Ichijou Tsukino (Queen)
The younger daughter of Alice Gremory and the Lucifer satan Cohen, Berolina is also the youngest King of her generation and a prodigy in the use of her lineage's signature Power of Destruction ability. Bubbly, naive and cheerful, her dream was to become exactly like her idol and long relative Rias Gremory. After her defeat by the hands of her sister Nemesis and the betrayal by her own Queen Ichijou, she would enter a deep depression. However, with the help of her queen and friends, she would later unlock her own true potential and reach new highs for her own abilities. Her signature moves are Null Stardust and annihilation Nova, as well as her own Alastor and Paimon inherited skills, such as Zebub Crown and Charisma.
Dubbed 'The worst Sekiryuutei', Ichijou is the male protagonist and the main first-person narrator in Highschool DxD: Яe-birth. Once a simple, if not moody, highschooler, Ichijou would meet the supernatural once becoming a devil by the hands of Berolina Gremory, for the sole fact that he's the current host of the Sacred Gear Boosted Gear, one of the 13 Longinus, making him the living legacy of the previous Sekiryuutei Issei Hyoudou. At first weak-willed and snarky once in his new world, ichijou would later develop a sense of self-worth, and take pride not only as his position as Issei's successor, but also as himself. The straight man of comic situations, Ichijou's main weaponry consists of his Sacred Gear Boosted Gear and transcendent Sword Ix, as well as his great skills in swordsmanship and basic magic knowledge. Thanks to the spirit of Yagura, Ichijou also unlocked Balance Breaker, allowing him to don the Scale Mail armor. Former human, mutation piece.
Annabelle Hellsing(Knight) Guan Yu(Knight)

Birthname Sayuri, a ninja from the infamous Hanzo village and the daughter of the village leader Haruka and a vampire aristocrat, Desmond Hellsing. One of the most efficient members of the peerage, she has her own agenda about joining the peerage: To train herself further to finally kill the current Vampire King and then became the one herself. Arrogant, snarky and also a sore-loser, but supportive, friendly and care-free, Annabelle was one of the first friends Ichijou made since the beginning of the fic, and also one of the strongest members of the peerage due to her vast knowledge in Ninjitsu and hand-to-hand and projectile-guided combat. Former dhampir, mutation piece.

Descendant of the Original Guan Yu and Liu Bei's subordinate, an serious, trigger-happy yet not-so-bright fighter who trained in the Jade palace and inherited from her ancestor the Guandao of the Jade Dragon, a holy weapon of dragon-slaying atributes. Guan Yu is the second fastest member and a expert spearman with sharp sense and the uncommon ability to make her own presence dissapear completely unless by vision. Former human, mutation piece.

Tasha Campbell(Bishop) Whiswain(Bishop)

An irish Witch who is a prodigy in the use of her Family's signature fire Magic, Tasha is the second oldest member of Berolina's peerage that joined the group after her defeat by the hands of their Queen Ichijou Tsukino, becoming one of the emotional links that holds the team together. Perverted and slow-minded, but well-intentioned and hard-worker, she's an expert in her family, the Campbell's, special fire magic. Former human, mutation piece.

One of The seven mysteries of Kuoh academy and a freshman of such, Whiswain is a half-grim reaper hybrid with the typical powers of such plus the unique ability to scream shockwaves so derranged and loud is capable of bypassing defenses and make others lose control of their Sacred Gears or abilities which relies on mental concentration.Former grim-reaper/human hybrid, mutation piece.

Liu Bei(Rook) Moon Eun-Yeong(Rook)

The descedant of the original Liu Bei from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a boutsful and extremely happy-go-lucky lass with strategitical mind and super-human strength that joined the group after an unnamed accident involving her, the jade palace and a monkey fighting giant onis. The physically strongest member of the group, Liu Bei is master in both Touki and chi control and uses her replica of the original monkey staff to descend punishment against her enemies. Former human, mutation piece.

The newest member of Berolina's peerage and the so-called Dragon Maid of the Tsukino Residence, Moon Eun-Yeong is a imugi who was hunted down by dragon-slayers in her quest to become a full-grown dragon, ending up at japanese chores and disguising herself as a human in order to find a job and shelter, becoming the maid of the Tsukinos. Polite, carefree, but also petty and envious of her comrade Ichijou, she has all the natural abilities of a dragon, albeit in a smaller scale, and the power over gravity in the shape of spheres of energy. Former Imugi, mutation piece.

Allies & affiliations Edit

Yoko Akabane Edit

The daughter of the Kanto region's supernatural faction is one of the first allies of Berolina's peerage, as well as Ichijou's proclaimed 'husband', as she wants him because of his infinite potential and raw power for being the sekiryuutei. A first-rate senjutsu user, she's always around to help the group, as well as make a dirty joke around her proclaimed 'wife'. As such, the supernatural youkai faction from kanto is also allied to the said group.

Nemesis Gremory and Peerage Edit

The peerage lead by Berolina older sister Nemesis. The first peerage the group went against in a Rating Game, despite the sisters's rivalry, the rest of the group have a pretty stable and strong friendship, since they only know each other through conflicts, but none of them holds a grudge against each other. They would later train the younger peerage in order for them to survive the 22-Arcana Challenge.

Irene Dantalion's Peerage Edit

The most powerful young devil, Irene is currently engaged to Ichijou, and because of that, both peerage formed a bond of companionship. The couple does care for each other.

Ranking Edit

being still a new peerage, the group took part in just one Rating Game, and losing it so. Despite that, the key-word for them is 'potential'. Being all descendants or linked to powerful, royal beings, some of them even from high lineages, Berolina's peerage is one which has the highests potential, Berolina herself being part of the 'Silver Generation', a group of young devils with outstanding powers,whose evil pieces are all mutation Pieces. The peerage has also high evolutionary potential.

Trivia Edit

  • The members's apperance and images are based on several characters from different media. Ichijou(Basara Toujou) and Berolina(Mio Naruse) are based on Shinmai Maou no Testament series; Annabelle(Hikage) is based on the Senran Kagura series; Tasha(Nonko) is on the There's a demon lord on the floor series and; Liu Bei is based on the Touhou series.
  • All the members are somehow linked to the color Red: Berolina's hair; Ichijou's position as the new red dragon emperor; Annabelle's vampiric ancestry; Tasha's fire affinity and magic, Liu Bei's dress and nationality and Whiswain's eye.
  • All of the members are represented by an ironic piece: Ichijou, the only male, is reincarnated by the Queen Piece; Tasha, the perverted witch, and the shy Whiswain are represented by the Bishop; Annabelle, the ninja, is represented by the only piece that can jump on pieces, and Liu Bei, the powerhouse, is represented by the Rook piece.
  • Out of the Peerage, Annabelle is the only member Ichijou never saw naked.
  • Just like the Neo-Great Satans and the Imperial Seven, every Evil Piece of the peerage embodies one of the Seven Cardinal Sins:
    • Ichijou is Pride;
    • Annabelle is Greed;
    • Tasha is Lust;
    • Liu Bei is gluttony;
    • Guan Yu is Wrath;
    • Whiswain is Sloth;
    • Moon-Eun Young is Envy.

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