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Bad... very bad...

–Bheem, About Niki lecherous mind about Male-Girls

Bheem Pandava
Race Reincarnated Devil
Former human
Nicknames Berserker
Mace Master
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Golden
Equipment Ultimaton Smasher
Personal Status
Relatives Bhima (Ancestor)
Affiliations Lagred Buer's peerage
Hiimoshima Highschool
Hiismoshima Student Council
Kouyasha Apartement
Status Alive
Ranking Low-class Devil
 He's one of main hero(ine) in  Highschool DxD: Girl can be ero too!. He's Niki classmate and member of Hiimoshima student council as weel as Lagred's Rook. He also descendant of Indian mythological hero Bhima.


D'arc has dark skin and partially tied-back umber hair with golden eyes. He is usually shown wearing the Hiimoshima High School girls' uniform, the rest of the time dressing in drag (His maid costume). He is considered a "Male-Girl" (男の娘?) because he is mistaken as a girl by the majority of the cast. Niki initially discovered his gender by flipping up his skirt, revealing his briefs.


Bheem is primarily shy and optimistic. He seems to have an attraction towards Niki Kamata, which has not been completely proven, but is implied. He also appears to be a bit of a crybaby at times. However he doesn't hesitate to punish Niki if she do a lecherous things towards him or other "Male-Girls" by smashing his Ultimaton Smasher to Niki's head.


Not much know about Bheem except he recruited by Lagred when the pure-blood devil take a vacation at India.


Arc 1: My Dawn In Diabolicus Student CouncilEdit

Arc 2: Phoenix In Case Of Calamity CellEdit

Arc 3: Midsummer CrisisEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength and Defense: Bheem boasts a lot of physical strength and defense, a standard of the Rook. He can use this strength to lift heavy objects with ease and use them as projectiles or punch through hard materials such as metal. With his defense, enemy attacks have been known to bounce right off of her, including light-based weapons that would seriously wound or kill a regular Devil.

Keen Instinct: Bheem naturally has heightened instinct, such as the time he was able to predict enemies attack.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Bheem is a master hand-to-hand combatant which he uses along with his Rook trait allowing him to overpower many enemies. 


Ultimaton Smasher


Ultimaton Smasher: Is Bheem's Sacred Gear which have ability to create powerful gravity by smashing it on the ground. He also can attach the gravity to his opponent to increase "their weight" and slow or even immobilize them.

  • Diviniton Final Smash: The Sacred Gear's balance break that allow Bheem to create Dead Zone a tube shaped gravity around him and his opponent. This area will immobilize his opponent even Bheem himself.


"I hope you don't make lecherous act again Niki-chan" - Bheem.


  • Bheem Apeearance is based on D'arc Hoshino from Nanana Bried Treasure.
  • Bheem's Sacred Gear is based on Take-Mikazuchi a weapon from Bayonetta 2.

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