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Other Names The Cursed Blue Angel
Type Demonic Sword
Holy Sword
Forms Katana
Abilities Cursed/Holy Blue Flames
Wielder(s) Richard Fulton
Bishamonton, named after the War God and also referred to as The Cursed Blue Angel, is one of the first of a new generation of demonic and holy swords in DxD: Next Generation.

Summary Edit

Years after the cataclysim of Trihexia, the majority of legendary swords, holy and demonic, were missing, broken, or hidden away.

Seeing how the next generation of humans, devils, angels and fallen would be able to make use of weapons like those, a union of the new Seraph, Grigori and Maous convened and issued the creation of new weapons; Bishamonton being the first.

Crafted with the remains of the demonic sword Balmung and holy sword Hauteclere, and infused with gathered blood of the former Seraph Michael and Maou Lucifer Sirzechs, the blade was the first of it's kind and a major success.

It was then given to it's current wielder, one of the strongest exorcists of the chruch, Richard Fulton.

Appearance Edit

Bishamon's form is that of a japanese katana with the handle wrapped in blue cloth, and the sheath containing prayer beads hanging off of it.

Abilities Edit

The most prominent, and strongest, of Bishamonton's abilties is it's blue flames. These flames spawn from the sword when drawn, and can be fully controlled by the user. What's unique about these flames is that they can be holy purifying flames, or demonic curse flames. Whatever form they take is up to the user.

The blade also boosts the user's speed and stamina.

Trivia Edit

  • The abilities and appearance of this sword are based on the Kurikara from Ao no Exorcist, or Blue Exorcist in english.