Blade of the Thorn
"Blade of the Dark Crown"
Kana 荊棘之刃
Romaji いばらのブレード
Other Names Crucifix Blade
Type Holy Sword (low class)
Forms a brown long sword with spikes sticking out of it
Abilities can steal energy from opponents and can sense other holy swords when close
Wielder(s) 12 Apostles (Former Wielders)

Michael (current wielder)

The Blade of the Thorns is the oldest holy sword ever crafted even out dating the Excalibur and Caliburn. Despite this aged status the sword doesn't possess as much power as the other holy swords.

Summary Edit

The sword was created by the Twelve Apostles (Minus Judith who was replaced by Matthias). The sword was created by infusing an ordinary sword with the Crown of Thorns that was placed on Jesus's head when he was being crucified.

Afterwards the sword was blessed for forty days and forty nights by angels until it was finally completed. Despite the sword being a very old holy sword it was shadowed by the younger Caliburn and Excalibur holy swords.

The sword was originally given to a young boy trained by the apostles as a young boy as one of the very first exorcists but this boy was turned into a vampire losing his ability to wield such a holy weapon after this happened the sword was then given back to Michael the former Jesus in Heaven.

Appearance Edit

The sword resembles a brown long sword with brown spikes that look like thorn spikes sticking out of the sides. The handle which is almost a foot long has a tear drop shape at the end of it which represents the Apostles pain and how heartbroken they were when Jesus was murdered.

Abilities Edit

Due to being the oldest holy sword the sword doesn't possess as much holy energy as it used to making it very easy for devils and other beings to take advantage of it.

The sword possesses the ability to summon thorns and vines out of the sword to bind the wielder's opponent but the better ability that nobody has been able to use is the ability to steal stamina from your opponent.

The one thing that makes this holy sword stick out from other holy swords is that it glows when other holy swords are near making it a holy sword tracker.

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