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Kana 制限解除ブレイクダウン
Romaji Bureikudaun
Other Names Limit Release
Wielder(s) Giichi

Breakdown is an ability, similar to the Sacred Gear's Balance Breaker, yet, in the same time, it has a chant, making it similar to the Sacred Gear's Juggernaut Drive. Anymore info isn't given.


Breakdown, also known as Limit Release, is an ability of the Annihilation Gears


As said above, Breakdown has a chant.

Sword Gear's chant is:

O sword! O dear sword! Sacrifices are to be, made and given.

And thou, dear sword, annihilate and vaporize! Give my [Dream] its [Realize]!

And for thou, dear sword, I shall give the whole world!

And thou, dear sword, shall make me thy [Lord]!

Lightning Judgment's chant is:

O Lighting, O! Judge and kill! Fudge and make them feel!

For all and every light! For you are the might!

Lightningify and signify! Give me the life of a [Lullaby]!

Enlighten me and realize! Frighten he who ties!


Its abilities are unknown yet. But, on Sword Gear's case, it's porbably covers the user's body in armor. Unknown whether light or heavy, though.

In every other Annihilation Gear's case, it's unknown, although, it's probably a very strong ability.

Known UsersEdit

Giichi Asmodeus


  • Friendly Healer isn't stated to have a [Breakdown], but is hinted to have.

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