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I...I wanted to see you again, for so long...! P-Papa...!

–Brunhilde, reuniting with Issei

Brunhilde Hyoudou
Valkyrie Dragoon Princess
Kana ブルンヒルト兵頭
Romaji Burunhiruto Hyōdō
Race Pureblood Devil
Half-Blood Humanoid Dragon
Nicknames Valkyrie Dragoon Princess
The Valkyrie Dragoness
The Battle Princess
Brunhildecchi (by Isane)
Brun-chan (by Dezel)
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Gungnir
Personal Status
Relatives Issei Hyoudou (father)
Rossweisse (mother)
Akeno Himejima (stepmother)
Kamui Himejima-Hyoudou (half-brother)
Rias Gremory (stepmother)
Isane Gremory-Hyoudou (half-brother)
Koneko Toujou (stepmother)
Shirohime Toujou-Hyoudou (half-sister)
Asia Argento (stepmother)
Mary Argento-Hyoudou (half-sister)
Ravel Phenex (stepmother)
Dezel Phenex-Hyoudou (half-brother)
Irina Shidou (stepmother)
Shinjiro Shidou-Hyoudou (half-brother)
Xenovia Quarta (stepmother)
Xander Quarta-Hyoudou (half-brother)
Affiliations Asgard
Kuoh Academy
Hyoudou Residence
Future Generation
Status Alive
Ranking Low-Class Devil
Brunhilde Hyoudou is a character and protagonist of the upcoming fanfiction, "Highschool D/EX/D." She is a Fifth-Grade Student at Kuoh Grade School, and is known by her moniker as the "Valkyrie Dragoon Princess."

Brunhilde is a Pureblood Devil and a half-blooded Humanoid Dragon, as well as a Valkyrie. She is the child of Issei Hyoudou and Rossweisse, and one of the youngest of seven children, being of the same age as Mary Argento-Hyoudou, and therefore younger than Shinjiro Shidou-Hyoudou. Despite being a Low-Class Devil, her powers are on par with powerful opponents, such as the Cadre, Kokabiel. She wields the ancient, powerful spear known as Gungnir, a gift from Odin before departing to the past with her siblings. She is a fan of Serafall Leviathan, and strives to become a "Valkyrie Magical Idol Girl," hence becoming Serafall's pupil.

Appearance Edit

Brunhilde looks like her mother in her childhood, having silky silver-white hair and bright blue eyes. She is commonly seen wearing a beautiful white dress with black frills and a black leather choker around her neck.

Personality Edit

Brunhilde is a very polite and cheerful girl who loves her parents and family dearly. She is best described as being a "daddy's girl," as she constantly tries to earn her father's attention, which puts her at odds with her sister Shirohime.

History Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Brunhilde, alongside Mary, are the youngest of Issei's future children.
  • Brunhilde is '4, 1" ft tall, and weighs 69 lbs.
  • Her birthday is June 2nd.
  • Brunhilde, along with Mary, Shirohime, Shinjiro, and Dezel do not own Evil Pieces, due to their young age.
  • She is a huge fan of Serafall, and her father's show, "Oppai Dragon."
  • Brunhilde and her sister Mary and brother Shinjiro are the only ones who have not inherited any of their father's perverted tendencies.
  • In an omake, Brunhilde is revealed to be a worse battle maniac than Vali.
  • According to the Magicians, her strength is A-Class.
  • Her favorite food is Anchovies.

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