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Not to be confused with Chaos Edge
"...It tells where the North is"

"It also tells the hour from time to time!"

–Kaede and Azazel, The Worst Invader Ch. ???

Cardinal Adamant Windrose
Cardinal shuriken
Alcor holding the Sacred Gear
Kana カッダナル・アッダマント・ウィンドロセ
Romaji Kaddanaru Addamanto Windorose
Other Names Four Resilent Swords of Orientation
Type Navigation-type Sacred Gear
Artificial Sacred Gear
Forms Rose of the Winds
Multiple swords
Abilities Spread into different swords
Homming boomerang
Wielder(s) Azazel
Kaede Shirakawa (The Worst Invader)
Alcor (DXD: LoT)
Cardinal Adamant Windrose (カッダナル・アッダマント・ウィンドロセ, Kaddanaru Addamanto Windorose), also known as the Four Resilient Swords of Orientation, is an artificial Sacred Gear created by the fallen angel Azazel, designed for travelling and tactical battle.

It is Shirakawa Kaede's Sacred Gear during the events of The Worst Invader; while it is in the possession of the fallen angel Alcor in the DXD: Legends of Tomorrow continuity.

Summary Edit

Once upon a time, the Governor General of the Grigori, Azazel went lost in a trip to Japan, ending up in Greek territory. There, he was attacked by the mythical creature Hydra. After battling and defeating it he swore he'd find a way to avoid such conflicts again, thus creating this Sacred Gear.

Forms Edit

Cardinal Adamant Windrose takes the form of a black, Fūma Shuriken,a large, four-bladed shuriken of a remarcable size.

Each of its blade is very curved, like a cartoon cutlass and are black in color. The shuriken are able to "fold", actually merge together, to form a singe bladed weapon, amoung other forms.

Abilities Edit

As stated above, the Sacred Gear can morph from its original fuuma shuriken appearance to any possible that can be formed with the four curved blades, allowing for a versatile fighting style, although heavily limited to melee range. Being a shuriken it can be thrown and maintain its spinning at the wieder's will; with the bonus that it will "bounce" to other nearby targets if the user chooses so. Despite its name, it doesn't control wind, but just as a rose of the winds, it allows the user to know the relative position of the north.

Teamwork Polar Vision Edit

The Balance Breaker form of Cardinal Adamant Windrose. Teamwork Polar vision (ティームアーク・ポーラー・ヴィジャン; Tiimuaaku Pooraa Vijan), also known as the Alternative Choises to Find Your Own Path. In this form the shuuriken becomes a big structure with walls and engulfs the user in the center. It then separates itself into four swords, revealing four clones of the user. The clones have 3/4 of the original's power, eaching knowing the position of one of the cardinal points. The clones are mentally but not physically connected; however damaging one lowers the power of the rest, and completely defeating 3 out of 4 makes the wielder revert back from Balance Breaker.

Trivia Edit

  • Its way of execution is heavily inspired in Captain America's Shield's "stable mommentum"
  • The picture for the Sacred Gear was taken from Naruto
  • The "cardinal" in the name refers to the cardinal points, instead its usual meaning
    • A Cardinal is a New World songbird of the bunting family, with a stout bill and typically with a conspicuous crest. The male is partly or mostly red in color

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