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This character, Carmina Magna, inserts itself on the canon timeline and makes history with canon characters. S/He is probably better than Issei, in more ways then one and may snag himself/herself a few of his well known girls as well.

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Carmina Magna
Lilith Carmina
Lilith, Carmina Magna
Kana カーミナマグナ (True Name)
リリス (Alias)
Romaji Kāmina Maguna (True Name)
Ririsu (Alias)
Race Demon
Nicknames Mother of all Devils
The Third Demon
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Pink
Equipment Staff
Snake Manipulation
Personal Status
Relatives Adam (Ex-Husband)†
Lucifer (Second Husband)†
Rizevim Livan Lucifer (Son)
Unnamed Grandson †
Vali Lucifer (Great-Grandson)
Affiliations Dark Harbingers
Underworld (Formerly)
Status Alive
Ranking Archdemon

Carmina Magna, also known as Lilith, is the third demon of the Dark Harbingers, and the strongest female member. Along with being a Harbinger, Lilith is also the ex-wife of Adam, and the wife of the original Lucifer, thus earning the title "Mother of all Devils" She is also the mother of Rizevim Livan Lucifer and Great-Grandmother of Vali Lucifer.


Carmina is a beautiful women who appears to be in her early to mid twenties and is said to bear a resemblance to her son and great-grandson. Like them, Carmina has silver hair that goes slightly past her waist along with pink eyes. She possesses a voluptuous, hour-glass figure, with large breast and fair skin. Rizevim descibes his mother as a woman that looks as pure as snow.

For attire, Carmina usually wears a simple white dress that reaches her ankles and reveals the top of her cleavage, giving a good view of her breasts. It also shows off her back too. Along with that, she wears a short white scarf around her neck, short deattached white sleeves that only cover her upper arms, leaving her shoulders bares. Over her hands are white gloves, with light purple wristbands around them, which covers parts of her forearms. To end it, Carmina wears black high heels that do not seem to effect her speed, with black thigh-length stockings.



Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Immense Demonic Powers:

Darkness Manipulation:

Demon Manipulation:

Master Magician:

  • Enchanter:


Snake Manipulation:

Master Seductress:

Immense Strength:

Enhanced Reflexes:

Immense Speed:




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