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Castor Ambrosius
The Strongest Magician
Kana キャスター ・アンブローズ
Romaji Kyasutā Anburōzu
Race Human (Magician)
Nicknames The Strongest Magician
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Relatives Merlin Ambrosius (Ancestor)
Affiliations House of Ambrosius
Grauzauberer (Formerly)
Khaos Brigade
Nilrem (Leader)
Status Alive
Ranking Leader of the Magician Faction/Nilrem
Castor Ambrosius is the leader of the Magician Faction/Nilrem, and a member of Solomon. He is a descendant of Merlin Ambrosius, and is known as the Strongest Magician.

Appearance Edit

A bespectacled middle-aged man with black hair and brown eyes. He usually is seen wearing magician robes.

Personality Edit

Castor shows respect towards his allies and foes and rarely fights unless he is ordered to.

History Edit

A magician from the House of Ambrosius, Castor was previously part of the Magician Association "Grauzauberer", that is under Mephisto Pheles, where he acquired all his spells, and earned his title as the strongest. He later left the group and joined the Solomon organization before he became the leader of the Magician Faction, Nilrem of the Khaos Brigade.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Expert Magician: As a descendant of the founder of the current magic system, Merlin Ambrosius, Castor is highly skilled with his magical ability.

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