Celestial Enchiridion
"Book of Wishes"
Kana 天の手引書
Romaji Ten no tebiki-sho
Other Names "Book of Dreams"
Type Spell book
Forms a book
Abilities gives the user a list of spells
Wielder(s) Gray Dantalion (Former)

Asia Argento (Current)

The Celestial Enchiridion (天の手引書; Ten no tebiki-sho) is a spellbook that is bestowed to Asia Argento from Gray Dantalion in Life 16.

Appearance Edit

The book takes the form of a old brown leather book with a sun symbol at the bottom of the cover and a lion with wings at the top. The most important thing however is the words inside the book that changes to fit the wielder's desires. The words will seem like incoherent symbols to anyone besides the one who is holding the book.

Summary Edit

Considered One of the strongest spell books ever crafted. The book has the capabilities to change itself to fit the wielder's desires. Gray found the book during his travels to Egypt and returns and bestows it to Asia before the Rating Game with Riser.

Abilities Edit

The special thing about this book is that is changes the spells inside of the book to fit the desires of the wielder. For example, someone like Gray who is a warrior/fighter the book will hold a book of fighting spells meanwhile to Asia who desires to help her friends and to protect others around her the book will appear as basic spells that boosts stats and creates shields.

The only drawback to this is that the spells can't be something illogical or too strong for the wielder to handle. For example, the spell won't give someone a list of spells on how to kill Gods if the user isn't strong enough to kill Gods meaning in order to gain access to powerful spells you have to train and push yourself to the limit.

Users Edit

Asia Argento: Due to being inexperienced with the book and not having enough power to fully handle it yet there are only three spells she is capable of using that root from her desire to help and protect her friends.

  • Ra Shield: The spell starts after you say the chant "Become the path its light shines upon! Become the path that lights the way!". A shield is then summoned that protects her teammates
    Ma Seshield 2

    Ra Shield in Use

    from damage.
  • Vernier: "O swift wind that dashes through the heavens!....VERNIER!" This spell boosts the speed of a single person for a limited amount of time. This can't be used alongside another boost spell.
  • Strength Booster: "O strengthen of arm to cleave the heavens!...Strength Booster". This spell temporarily increases the strength and pain tolerance of a person for a limited amount of time.

Trivia Edit

The spells Asia use are based off the Sky dragon slayers from fairy tails.

The concept of the spells changing according to the User's strength is based off of Zatch Bell.

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