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Prologue Edit

The sky went dark. It was an unnatural thing to happen since it had been morning for just a few hours. Therefore it shouldn't have gone dark like that.

The people who weren't busy trying not to get themselves killed looked up, as a strange rainbow light appeared right above their heads.

Like an eye, the light opened up to reveal a dark image within it; a projection of a golden clock ticking unstoppable. The image started getting away, until it was revealed that the clock was in fact, someone's eye, and a figure clad in back was standing on an equally dark room. It looked like a teenager, with their hands hanging on the sides of their body, just their piercing stare could be differentiated from the rest of their obscured body.

"Greetings, my fellow survivors." The voice, unmisticably masculine spoke in a monotone way, echoing through the minds of everyone looking at the projection on the sky "I wish to make this short, as I know you could be using this time to avoid getting yourself killed; but please, allow me to start this little speech by saying the date. This is the year 22 after the Apocalypse. I must congratulate every single one of you for surviving this long. With about 90% of the World in such a deplorable condition, it was unlikely life would bloom on Earth... But it did anyway"

"Have you lived in comfort? These 22 years has gone insanely fast, I doubt anyone got the oportunity to be a kid on that time, yet many have been born in such an Era, do you get what I am trying to say?" the man's voice hesitated with the word 'kid', and he cleared his troat, as if he was holding back tears "I must clarify now, if your answer was a 'Yes', then you are undoubtly my enemy" the voice stated with a hint of anger, the figure clenched its fists too "Now, from this point on my words are dedicated to my fellow mortals, who have lived in the dirt for the past 22 years, for my siblings that have lost so much at the hands of creatures that think themselves superior to them... Thinking about this makes my heart tremble in disgust; to think that I have allowed such a thing to happen for so long... But worry not. That will end soon."

A variety of figures joined the first, all of them young people dressed in different ways, with different heights and different eye color.

"Now, to get to the point. This is a World Domination Proclamation. Either join us in our crusade to free our fellow men, or step aside and leave our path clean to get our vendetta. Any other action will be treated as a declaration of war, and trust me, you do not want to be our enemy." many lights lit, and the people around the one speaking had some sort of weapon in their hands.

Sacred Gear. Those were all humans, and Sacred Gear wielders.

"For all who are wondering, my origins are irrelevant and my name is of no importance; but I think you will realize who I am." the clock in each of his eyes begun shining for a moment, as if supporting the man's statement "I am Chronos. The wielder of Chronos Logos. Yes, I am a longinus wielder, and for those who begin to realize what's going on, yes, I lived, and although I don't know who you are, I'll find you, and I. Will. Crush you."

"I have the power to obliterate this world, but I do not wish to. After all, that's what the beast of Apocalypse did, and I do not wish to do that. My only desire, is to return this world to its rightful owners; the young ones might not know, but this was once called the Human World. The supernatural crawled in the dark, and hid when we pointed our sight at their direction; shrinking back in fear from our presence, unable to do anything about it. The beast turned the tables, they saw us in our deluded state and found the opportunity to strike; those cowards would still live under the floors of our world if it hadn't gone that way."

The man took a big breathe and sighed deepely, as if he was calming down, even if his voice did not change in the slightets.

"To my fellow longinus wielders. I know you are out there, and as your fellow, I salutate you for all your hard work until this point. And I extend an invitation to you. Join me in this crusade, I bet you are sick of losing precious things to you, I bet there's something you want to get back no matter what. I promise you, here and now, in front of the entire world that I will give it to you if it's within my capabilities; I will hear your demands and give the world to you as the finest champions of mankind. Do not seek me, as I know you better than you think, be sure I will find you, and together we will retake this world and claim it as ours."

"As for the rest of mankind, I do not wish to put your life at risk, if you do not wish to endanger yourselves do not worry. Leave this to us, if you lack the power to fight, rest assured that we will take care of things, we will carry out your will, we will shield you from danger as the strong should; you are not required to join us, I understand many are in no position to defy the ones with power, only we, the longinus should be forced to fight, as the ones who carry out the god slaying tool, it is our obligation. If you, on the other hand, wish to join us in the crusade, if you are capable of standing against your oppressor you are more than welcome. Prepare, ready yourselves, you will be hearing about us soon. We will bring Havoc to this world, and will retake the crown that was stolen away from us." He stopped, and the rest of the people gathered de-activated their Sacred Gear.

"Until then." and soon, the projection on the sky closed; leaving the world in a state of absolute silence for a few moments.