It was the morning after Yukio's fateful encounter that unbeknownst to him, completely changed his life.

"What's that noise... It sounds like someone's yelling at me... Oh shit.."

I quickly sit up and look around before realising that my alarm was going off, I let out a sigh and turn my alarm off before getting up, stretching until I get a cramp in my leg.


I groan as I hop around like a maniac trying to find my school clothes, after the cramp goes away I get dressed and head down to the kitchen before realising what the time is.

"Fuck.... I'm late...."

I grab a piece of toast, quickly devouring it before rushing out the door and to school, while running I notice something.

"Hold on... I feel a lot faster than usual... What the hell?"

Soon enough, I arrive at the academy, I calm down before walking to class, trying not to focus on that strange feeling.

"About time someone showed up."

Ed calls out as I walk into the classroom, much to my embarrassment. Caleb punches Ed in the arm, igniting a comical brawl between the two.

"Typical idiots..."

The day drags on, for me anyways. During one of the breaks someone knocks on the door, catching the attention of everyone in the classroom.

"Ah Tatsuya, it's nice to see you again, what can I do for you?"

The teacher greets Tatsuya as he enters the classroom, surprising the group greatly.

"Can I have Yukio, Ed, Caleb, Amber and Celeste for a moment?"

As soon as Tatsuya asks for the other four, they stand up, but Ed and Caleb basically drag me along. After a while we end up at the old school building, Amber and Celeste keep a quiet conversation to one another.

"So... Why did you want us to come with you?"

I finally ask Tatsuya, who simply takes a deep breath and opens the door for us, closing the door behind him after the five of us walk in.

"Yukio... I think it's about time you learned something."

I gulp after Tatsuya speaks, I look at the others nervously, who all seem to be calm.

"You did get stabbed last night. That wasn't a dream."

Tatsuya hangs his head low, my eyes widen in surprise before trying to find the wound.

"However... I saw it happen. So I brought you here, and...."

He sighs as I look at him, nervous about what he was about to say.

"'re not human anymore."

Everything around me except for Tatsuya and myself feels like it got frozen in time as he says that.

"I-I'm not human?"

Tatsuya nods while Celeste puts a hand on my shoulder.

"You're one of us now..."

Suddenly Ed, Amber, Celeste and Caleb all stand up, dark, bat-like wings sprouting from their backs.

"We're devils. And now you're one of us."

"W-What... This is insane.... I... I'm a Devil?!"

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