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"Allow me to show you the might of the Heaven's Blade in my hands. As I send you on a one way trip to the Netherworld!"

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The Chivalric Order (シバルリック・オーダー, Shibarurikku Oda), also known as the Order of Knights is a large organization that trains human children and/or human-hybrids from childhood or young teens all the way into their adulthood. Their purpose is to fight against supernatural beings who would threaten the human world.

This is the organization where three of the main characters within the FanFiction The Magic Knight is a part of and trained since they were children.

  • Chivalric Order
  • Main Building - Paladin Base
  • Chivalric Order's New Uniform


The Chivalric Order is a large organization located in an uninhabited part of the human world and is covered by a massive forest area. 


Before the start of the canon, the Chivalric Order was created by both King Arthur and Sir Lancelot as a means for defending the human world from being such as Devils, Fallen Angels, Vampires and other beings who would pose a threat to humans. As a group of humans who fights to protect the Human World, Knights would normally partner up with either Exorcists and/or Magicians whenever they are on dangerous missions. After the "Xander Incident", a good portion of High-Ranking Knights along with the Head Paladin and six Paladins were murdered by him. 

At very the start of Volume 1, the Chivalric Order Lancelot was training with a fellow Knights, which he won and easily after suddenly being blindsided by the group of children who grew up in the orphanage there. Both Yumi and Jeanne were then introduced along with the remaining leaders of the Chivalric Order and Elaine before Lance left the to go back to his hometown of Kuoh. 

In Volume 4, after the Kuoh Peace Treaty was signed, most of the Knights left to join up with the Hero Faction of the Khaos Brigade.

Known LocationsEdit

Main Building - Paladin BaseEdit

The largest building located in the middle of the Chivalric Order where the both the Head Paladin and Paladin resides while they give orders to the Arch-Knight and Knights. Inside the halls leading to their meeting room are aligned with many statues of Knights adorned in ornate Knight armor, while wielding swords.


  • The images of the Chivalric Order are from Sword Art Online.