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Chronos Logos
Chronos madness
Kana チュロノス・ローゴーズ
Romaji Churonosu Roogoozu
Other Names Forgotten View of Time
Type Longinus-tier Sacred Gear
Space/time-based Sacred Gear
Forms Clock in the eyes
Abilities Manipulate the time flow in the are within field of vision
Wielder(s) Abel De Niro
Chronos Logos (チュロノス・ローゴーズ, Churonosu Roogoozu), also known as the Forgotten View Time; is a longinus-tier Sacred Gear and the final evolution of Gasper Vladi's Forbidden Balor View.

It is considered the thirteen longinus due to the fusion between Telos Karma and Sephiroth Graal.

Summary Edit

After Gasper's death in the battle against 666, his Sacred Gear was taken and given to a different wielder, instead of allowing it to reincarnate in another person. With the correct treatment, the former governor general Azazel was capable of making it evolve, even past Stagnate Perfection.

It is considered the counterpart of Apocryphal Notes.

Abilities Edit

Similar to Priority Loop Stagnation, this Sacred Gear has the ability to manipulate the way the time-space affects the target. Chronos Logos can change the time of anyone in the user's range of sight, to either slow it or halth it althogeter, or making it faster if they chose to do so. Chronos Logos can also after the wielder Him/herself, making their time faster in order to perceive everything in slow motion.

Forms Edit

Chronos Logos manifests itself in the eyes of the wielder, making a clock overlap their pupils and iris. The hands of the clock represent the current manipulation used by the wielder; if they are going back, it means the time is being slowed, if they go forwards in a continous way, it means that time is being accelerated, and if they stop altogether it means that either time has stopped or the user died.

Clockwork Calamity

Balance Breaker

Clockwork Horizon Rapture Edit

Clockwork Horizon Rapture (クラックアーク・ハーイザン・ラップチャー, Kurakkuaaku Haaizan Rappuchaa), also known as the Nostalgia of the Event Horizon; is the Balance Breaker form of Chronos Logos. This form gives almost total control over time, appearing as a giant clock in the user's back. The clock is able to affect a certain area depending on the user's strength; and is able to accelerate and slow down time, as well as "eat away" events by rewinding time and negating things that occured. The wielder also can lock people into loops to trap them.

Trivia Edit

  • The Sacred Gear was mostly based on Kurumi Tokisaki's abilities, as well as the pictures
  • Chronos Logos can be considered the counterpart to Apocryphal Notes, given that it can bend the element that its fellow longinus can't

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