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Cross Blade Dragonar
Ichijou's(up) and Elizabeth's(down) clashing Cross Blade Dragonars.
Kana 天を突き刺す龍の牙クロス・ブレード・ドラグナー
- ( Ichijou)
- ( Elizabeth)
Romaji Kurosu burēdo doragunā
Other Names Dragon's Fang that pierces the heavens(Ichijou)
Dragon's scale that shields the heavens(Elizabeth)
Type Technique
Forms Red Sword dragonar(Ichijou)
White Shield Dragonar(Elizabeth)
Abilities Energy beam that pierce through all defenses(Ichijou)
Energy shield that protect and reflects incoming attacks(Elizabeth)
Wielder(s) Ichijou Tsukino
Elizabeth Albedo

Cross Blade Dragonar is an ability shared between the current wielders of the Sacred Gears Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing, Ichijou Tsukino and Elizabeth Albedo respectively, in the Highschool DxD: Яe-birth continuitity. both an offensive and defensive technique, it enhances the already powerful abitilies of Ddraig's [PENETRATE] and Albion's [REFLECT], and use as homming attacks.

Summary Edit

During the events of Volume 8, during his battle against Vali Lucifer's descendant, Evelyn Livan Lucifer, in his rampage in Scale Mail armor, Ichijou was able to channel both the holy energy of Ascalon, his own Dragon Shot and the accumulated demonic energy inside Rhongomiant into a powerful, X-shaped blast of energy that came and merged from his both swords. Not only it was able to cause massive damage on the enviroment, but it was also able to destroy Evelyn's so-called inprenetrable defenses, being able to harm her.

During the climax of Volume 8, Elizabeth showed that she was also able to create an Cross-shaped version of this technique with two swords she created from her own Nordic magic, vali's demonic power and Albion's flames.

Abilities Edit

By channeling the energy of their own dragon into their blades and their own power, both heavenly dragon-users are able to fire a massive blast of demonic/dragonic/holy energy, which are fired withone of the signature abilities of their respective dragons and, as such, Ichijou who has the Boosted Gear is capable of creating a sword beam that can penetrate any defense, while Elizabeth who has the Divine Dividing is capable of creating a slash that expands into a shield to reflect any incoming attack.

Drawbacks Edit

Unfortunately, such power has proven to put a massive toll on the users' body, and not even Elizabeth was able to fully mastered such technique, that requires both timing, synchronization and technique to fully control, otherwise it might backfire and harm allies and the own user. The strength of the final form also requires a immense stock of power to properly work and as such, even if in full-strength, the user might not be able to use it due to overally low energy.

Forms Edit

Ichijou Edit


Red Sword Dragonar

Red Sword Dragonar(龍の牙をX字型レッド・ソード・ドラグナー, Reddo sōdo doragunā), also known as X-shaped Dragon Fang used by Ichijou is a blast of demonic/holy/dragonic energy shaped like an X. By channeling his demonic powers on Rhongomiant and using the holy power of ascalon enhaced by the Dividing Wyvern Fairy, he's able to fire two massive beams of demonic/holy and dragonic energy, that merge together to form a single, X-shaped blast, which has all the properties of a holy-demonic sword. Not only causes severe damage for both angels and devils, it's also practically indefensible, destroying any defenses in it's way.


Crimson Moon Dragonar

Using Ix, Ichijou is able to use Crimson Moon Dragonar (赤龍帝の月字一条クリムゾン・ムーン・ドラグナー, Kurimuzon mūn doragunā, lit. Moon-shaped Streak of the red Dragon Emperor) an enhaced form of Cross Blade Dragonar, which fires a massive, moon-shaped slash of demonic/holy/dragon-slaying/dragonic power that not only causes severe damage for dragons, angels and devils, it's also practically indefensible. However, the amount of energy it takes to use it is extremely high than any other of his techniques. It is noted by Mary that such technique can only be slightly sparred against Elizabeth's own Silver Mirror Dragonar, and if not carefully executed, can break ichijou's arm with a single blow.

Elizabeth Edit


White Shield Dragonar

White Shield Dragonar(龍の規模十字ホワイト・シールド・ドラグナー, Howaito shīrudo doragunā), also known as Cross-shaped Dragon Scale used by Elizabeth is a defensive/support ability instead. By channeling Vali's demonic energy in one of her magical swords, Hrunting and Nagelring and Albion's powers in another, she's able to fire two beams of energy that merges together into a single cross-shaped sign, which then expands around her allies and forms a dome of translucid blue light, and anything weak enough that tries to attack it will either bounce back or burn upon touch. While is usually used for defense, Elizabeth can form such shield to trap and crush her opponents with said Shield.


Silver Mirror Dragonar

Using the fused form of her twin swords Hrunting and Nagelring, the transdent Beowulf, however, not only it enhances Elizabeth's strength, but also her overall speed and reflects, and with them, she's able to fire an even more powerful version of Cross Blade Dragonar. Named Silver Mirror Dragonar(白龍皇の反射鏡シルバー・ミラー・ドラグナー, Shirubā mirā doragunā, lit. Reflecting Mirror of the White Dragon Emperor), Elizabeth can create and fire from the edge of Beowulf a powerful barrier with anti-demonic/holy/dragonic properties, forming a massive beam of silver-colored energy that, while it doesn't have any major offensive abilities, it can "push" anything in it's way, harming if not downright killing anything in it's way. Apparently, the size of Silver Mirror Dragonar is proportional to Elizabeth's current energy, and it can only cut down by Ichijou's own Crimson Moon Dragonar. It also cuts all of Elizabeth's reserves of energy and immendiatelly separates Beowulf back.

Trivia Edit

  • Both images are from different forms of the Getsuga Tenshou technique from Bleach.
  • The technique is named after the Kikou Senki Dragonar, or Metal Armor Dragonar, series, which was suppose to be part of the Gundam Franchise. Moreover, the series' finale has both protagonists Kaine Wakaba and Maio Plato combining their sword Beams in order to pierce and defeat the villain Dorchenov, making this technique both a shoutout and a homage to it.
  • As a joke, both attacks suffer an interesting case of Kira-kira naming, in which a different kanji with a different meaning is used due to it's shape. In Ichijou's case, The kanji "乂"(gai) makes the "X", while in Elizabeth's, the Kanji "十"("Tou") makes the "Cross".