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Daji (Queen)
Kana 妲己
Romaji Dakki
Race Jiuweihu (former)
Nicknames Queen of Spiritual Flames
Hair Color Golden Blonde
Eye Color Gold
Equipment Fox Fire
Personal Status
Relatives Su Daji (ancestor)
Jīn Húlí (mother)
Xié Líng (older sister)
Affiliations Shanghai Yaoguai Faction (former)
Riara Astaroth's Peerage
Status Alive
Ranking Low-Class Devil
Daji is one of the main female protagonists in High School Akuma. She’s a direct descendant of the original Su Daji and serving as Riara Astaroth’s Queen.

Because of Riara's poor health, Daji is usually the one acting as the peerage's leader.


Daji is a beautiful woman with golden blonde hair that goes down to her shoulders and bright golden eyes. She wears a blue cheongsam with which flower petals. The cheongsam fits her so well that you can see her nice curves and large breasts.




Daji was born as the second princess of the in Shanghai Yaoguai Faction. She was raised to learn all the things a princess should, and to never trust a devil. Daji never got a chance to have a true childhood.

At the age of 17 she met Riara when she (Riara) snuck out of the Underworld to see Shanghai. At first Daji wanted to get ride of Riara, but was caught my suprise when she (Riara) started coughing up a storm. Out of concern, Daji took Riara to the hidden world of the yaoguai and nursed her back to health, and learned about Riara's poor health (for which Daji lectured for her coming to China with such poor health). During this time Riara could became Daji's first true friend.

After being discovered by her sister, Daji got into a fight with her family who insisted on exicuting Riara. Daji, in anger, left her home with Riara to the Astaroth Territory and became Riara's first servants.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Fox Fire: As a Fox Spirit, Daji can conjure up Fox Fire that gives off extreme heat. Although it’s not as powerful as Yasaka’s Fox Fire.

Senjutsu and Youjutsu Expert: Daji is a very skilled Senjutsu and Youjutsu user, being able to create mirage copies of herself to throw her opponents off. She is capable of combining both her techniques to fire concentrated blasts of energy.

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