Dante Amon
"The Black Swordsman"
Kana 但丁阿蒙
Romaji ダンテアモン
Race Pure Blood Devil
Nicknames "The Black Swordsman" and "Emperor of Swords"
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Forest Green
Equipment Katana
Personal Status
Relatives Lady Amon and Lord Amon (Parents) and Alice Amon (Sister)
Affiliations Gray Dantalion, Marcellous Agares, His Sister (Alice Amon), and his peerage
Status Alive
Ranking King and High-Class Devil
Dante is a male protagonist in Highschool DxD Heavenly Dragon Kings. He is the best friend of Gray Dantalion and Marcellus Agares. He is the weakest of the three of them.

Appearance Edit

He is 18 (the same age as his friends, Sona, and Rias). Is of average height around 5'9 and has spiky dark blonde hair and forest green eyes. Has a tattoo resembling a "black flame" on both shoulders.

He usually wears a green jacket vest with no sleeves, green elbow guards, green pants, black boots, and black finger-less gloves.

Personality Edit

Is usually a distant person who keeps to himself and is kind who will go out of his way to help someone in need. Cares about his peerage more than himself and would give up his life for them. Trained by his uncle (who is a outcast from the family for not inheriting the clan's ability) who trained him to use a Katana because he wants Dante to be "a fine swordsmen".

History Edit

Dislikes his pure blooded devil family and their "old way of doing things"/traditions. Always hates how his family treats his little sister like a outcast until she joins a peerage and becomes a Mid-Class devil. When he fell in love with a fallen angel his parents racism for the other factions couldn't get over this so he left and made his way to Domino City where he met Gray Dantalion and Marcellus Agares.

Currently lives in the Dragon Valley with Marcellus and his peerage and with his own peerage.

Plot Edit

To Be Announced

Abilities Edit

1. Byakugan- The special clan ability belonging to the Amon clan. Gives them the ability to see targets 10 kilometres away. Its vision can penetrate through most solid objects and obstructions. The Byakugan is also able to more effectively follow high-speed movements to better react to them, it also increases the user's speed, power, strength, durability, and reflexes in a pinch. They also developed a special type of combat called "Gentle Fist" which focuses on attacking pressure points and cutting off the energy in the body.


The Byakugan Eyes

2. Dark fire- Learned from his uncle, gives him the ability to control flames or summon flames that are black and gray (dark flame creation)

3. Master Swordsman- Being trained by his uncle he is a master swordsman able to easily out best his other friends (when it comes to swords but not power wise)

Equipment Edit

1. Katana- a regular katana he made with his uncle can fuel his dark fire in it

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