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The Dark Harbingers (ダークハービンガー, Dāku Hābingā) Is a group of ancient demons whose goal is to revive their creator and master, the Apocalyptic Beast, 666 (Trihexa). They are the main antagonists of the fanfiction story Heir of Destruction by Wacko12.


The members of the Dark Harbingers were all Demons born by Trihexa, also known as the Apocalyptic Beast. The first demon to be created was the Zero Demon, the False Prophet, who was was originally Abel, after his death at his brother's hand. They later on helped create other demons who would serve them and Trihexa as their army and also made a pact with Satan, the original Devil and a descendant of the demons. Satan swore loyalty to Trihexa along with the other Seven Deadly Sins. With Carmina's, known to the world as Lilith, help, Satan was able to create and expand the Devil race. The other factions never knew of the Dark Harbingers' origins or their connection to Trihexa.

Thousands of years later, Lucifer, along with Leviathan, Asmoedus and Beelzebub, launched a coup and killed Satan, Mammon and Belphigor, though the latter's family managed to survive. The four remaning Sins, now rennaming themselves the Four Great Satans, took command of their kind and the Underworld, before breaking their pact with Trihexa. This act caused two things to happen: An enraged False Prophet prepared to have himself and the Dark Harbingers attack the Devils in retribution, while Trihexa prepared to act. The second was that with the Devil Faction in slight disarrary due to the coup, Heaven and Grigori launched their own attacks and thus began the Great War.

During the war, a new figure appeared: Cain, having come out of force exile. He knew of Trihexa's and the Dark Harbingers' existence and the threat they pose. Getting God of the Bible's support, the Three Factions formed a temporary truce and with the aid of the other mythologies, launched a full scale attack on the Harbingers before Trihexa could fully awaken. During the battle, two of the original Harbingers were killed by Cain, while he took a third one, a new born Solas, with him. Two of the three empty spots were filled by Balor and Oberon, both having their own reason to become demons. Around that time Cain fought against the False Prophet, grievously wounding the Zero Demon before he retreated to the corners of the world, with the help of Levere and Xin. Excluding those three, along with Carmina and Ileno, the rest of the Harbingers were sealed away by the factions, as they were too powerful to be killed. Without his Harbingers, Trihexa could not stop God of the Bible and Cain from sealing him. After that and the end of the Great War, Carmina left the Underworld and assisted her leader in his recuperation, as the False Prophet created Undra, who would be the final member to fill in the last position.

Centuries later, Ileno, along with Akuryo Rengoku, the son of Satan, took command of the Old Satan Faction. Under the Prophet's orders, the two used the faction's resources, as well as that of Ophis' orgnaization, Khaos Brigade, to locate the seal that the Harbingers were in. Once they found it, Ileno freed his fellow Harbingers, and they all joined up with the False Prophet and began planing the revival of their master and get their revenge.


The Dark Harbingers are a group of immensely powerful demons, with the weakest being on the same level as a Satan-class being while the second strongest can fight on par against Ophis and supposedly the strongest, the False Prophet, can fight evenly against Great Red. According to Cain, excluding False Prophet, eight other members can fight on par with Ophis, being Mu, Richard, Carmina, Beijo, Troid, Undra, Daliad and Quintin, however Mu has the highest chance of winning. The fact that all the mythologies had to band together to fight them, and in the end could only seal them, speaks highly of their incredible powers. They are also different from their descendants, the Devils, due to the fact that they are not vulnerable to light weapons and objects like crosses and holy water.

Each member possesses their own unique ability, given to them the moment they were born. These powers, along with their personalities, were created by the members themselves, as Trihexa desired his harbingers to be at their strongest by allowing them to subconsciously develop their own powers. This also made them more loyal to Trihexa in gratitude for their free will. The only ones excluded from this are Ray, Kabak and Undra, as the first two desired to keep their original powers while augmenting them, and Undra was personal modified by the False Prophet. Despite that however, they all possess two common abilities. The first is that they can manipulate darkness in various ways, such as creating weapons the same way Angels and Fallen Angels create light-based weapons or wings for flight.  The second, is that the Dark Harbingers are capable of summoning and controlling lesser demons, though the lesser demons are on a level between Middle-Class and Ultimate-Class Devils.


There are a total of 27 Demons. Excluding the False Prophet, all 26 members each have one of the letters of the alphabet at the beginning of their first name. This also includes Oberon and Balor, both of whom had willingly tossed their old names and identities aside.

The False Prophet Zero Leader of the Dark Harbingers and the Second Beast who serves Trihexa's as his voice. He is the oldest and strongest demon among them. He has mastered many abilities and techniques and is a skilled tactician and manipulator.
Walter Richard One A member who is considered to be one of the most powerful demons among the Dark Harbingers due to his mastery over multiple types of magic and being able to manipulate other powers. He is also the father of Merlin Ambrosius, making him the ancestor of Megumi Ambrosius Keiji.
Levere Bogstav Two A genderless Doppelganger who can mimic anyone in appearance, abilities and memories and acts as a scout and spy.
Carmina Magna Three Also known as Lilith, the first wife of Adam and wife of Lucifer. She is a master of manipulating life and death, and is a powerful necromancer and enchanter as well as blood magic. She can even turn the very area she is in into her own territory to be used against her enemies.
Osoba Zbunjen Four A poetic demon who uses words and letters as a weapon and can alter the words and terms of anything regarding their form, meaning and context as well as their definition.
Troid Muirear Five The Dark Harbinger's one-man army, this boastful demon can create powerful explosions and shockwaves. But his most terrifying power is the ability to convert any physical damage he takes into power.
Jizva Lovec Six A sadistic demon who tortures her victims by altering their perception and senses and a master of affecting the mind with illusions to the point of driving her enemies insane.
Youzai Zhiming Seven A lazy and unenthusiastic member but delivers results thanks to his ability to manipulate the lethal dosage of anything, poisoning his enemies and placing them at his mercy.

Seizoen Ambacht

Eight A jovial demon with a robotic body and capable of creating weapons and manipulating electromagnetism. His greatest power is that he can scan his enemies and discover their weakness and exploit it through creating robotic warriors and weapons.
Daliad Braich Nine A flamboyant-dressed and confident demon whose mastery of elements is so grand that he has become immune to any elemental attacks along with manipulating hell-fire. He desires to defeat powerful opponents in battle, showing his battle maniac side.
Gek Anders Ten A demon with a patronizing attitude and is considered to be the Dark Harbinger's master in assassination and sabotage, thus he has great confidence in his abilities.
Ermek Orta Eleven An energetic battle maniac, whose powers focus on increasing his physical capabilities and can regenerate any wounds he sustains, proving to be the physically strongest amongst the Dark Harbingers.
Zhelaniye Volna Twelve Master of air, this emotionless demon can kill her enemies by merely using the air and oxygen around them, never showing a single bit of mercy or arrogance but can become dangerous when enraged.
Mu Tenma Thirteen The second strongest demon and the leader in the False Prophet's place when he is absent. He has total mastery over darkness and can utilize null energy, a form of energy that can negate and erase nearly anything it touches.
Noctis Cogitare Fourteen This uncouth and antagonistic demon can manipulate the vectors of nearly anything, thus possessing the strongest defense amongst the Dark Harbingers and can even control the flow of time.
Quintin Zahler Fifteen The Dark Harbinger's hunter, this demon hides his sadistic cruelty under a calm and polite facade. Quintin can use his abilities to incapacitate his prey through various methods.
Xin Theo Sixteen Unlike the other members, this Demon prefers to remain at the base, not out of cowardice, but out of loyalty to protect the False Prophet. With incredible powers in creating different types of barriers, he lives up to his role as the home defense.
Haut Versuchen Seventeen A gruff, boastful, arrogant and stubborn demon of an elderly appearance, he can decompose and rot any material with powerful miasma, whether the target is solid, liquid, or plasma. And he can corrupt areas and individuals, turning them into demonic monstrosities.
Fleur Jardin Eighteen A demon who appreciates the musical arts, she uses her hypnotic voice and control over rhythm and melody to take command over the battlefield and the hearts of the people; both friend and foe alike.
Beijo Escavar Nineteen A stoic individual who stays focus at the task at hand and is considered one of the strongest members due to being able to manipulate space and time. He can also control gravity and travel through dimensions with ease and even survive in the Dimensional Gap.
Violet Tari Twenty A beautiful, seductive demon with an equal calm and collected personality, she can use her abilities to control people against their wills and inanimate objects along with generating and manipulate powerful threads for various uses.
Panen Suram Twenty-One A merciless man who wears black armor that gives off the impression of a Grim Reaper, A parasitic demon, Panen is capable of manipulating the biology of himself or others, along with creating organic constructs that he can be used as weapons. His entire body is a living hive that can kill his victims with poison.
Agrios Pligma Twenty-Two A reckless and violent demon who can shape-shift into various forms and becomes stronger every time he regenerates from wounds and grow new weaponized organs, making him a living war machine.
Ileno Enlazar Twenty-Three The second youngest member in the group, he is a young, rebellious, but honarable demon who can enhance his body into a living weapon. He is also a master martial artists who has learned every fighting style out there.
Kabak Hayat Twenty-Four Formerly Oberon, the Fairy King, Kabak is a powerful master of nature, controlling the planet's ley lines to increase his power along with the use of the magic known as mysticism too.
Ray Maqid Twenty-Five Also known as Balor, the Evil Irish God, this stern, polite large demon can manipulate matter at a molecular level and anything his remaining eye sees can be put through immense pain or even instant death. He is also immune to the effects of the Sacred Gear Forbidden Balor View.
Undra Motsatt Twenty-Six The final member, he is a demon that takes the appearance of a young teenanger. Despite his powers, he is not the original member, but a replacement created by False Prophet, as the real member who disappeared. He can absorb souls to empower him, seal his opponent's powers, use light-based powers and possess people. He also serves the role of being the eyes and ears for the False Prophet.


Akuryo RengokuEdit

The son of Satan, the original Devil, Akuryo is a Super Devil with powers on par with the current Maou. He was taken in by False Prophet at a young age and just like the Dark Harbingers, he holds resentment towards the Devil Race, both out of when the original Lucifer betrayed his father, and how they are inferior to Demons. False Prophet is grooming Akuryo to become the leader of their desired Demon Empire. Using his lineage to his advantage, Akuryo has taken command of the Old Satan Faction, using them to further the Dark Harbingers' plans.


The Dragon/Fallen Angel Hybrid who tricked Adam and Eve to eat the Fruit of Knowledge and later cursed by God and imprisoned in Cocytus. He was later freed by the Dark Harbingers after he was summoned by the Hero Faction. Since then he has allied himself with the Dark Harbingers in order to have revenge on the Three Factions and Humanity.

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