And they caused their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire, and used divination and enchantments, and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger.

–Psalm 106:37

Demon King's Treasures
Pure magic orb by r4v1
"Treasures of the Lost Kings"
Kana 悪魔王の宝物
Romaji ˈdēmənkiNGˈtreZHər
Other Names "Treasures of the Lost Kings"
Type Demon Swords and Orbs
Forms Orbs and Key Blades
Abilities increased strength, destructive aura, and absorption powers
Wielder(s) The Old Demon Kings

Demon Kings Treasures (悪魔王の宝物; ˈdēmənkiNGˈtreZHər) also known as the "Treasures of the Lost Kings" are demons attempts at creating a sacred gear that went horribly wrong. The "demon swords" are technically "artificial sacred gears" since they can be used by anyone who can learn to wield them.

History Edit

The demon swords were created long ago when the demons convinced the Israelites to sacrifice their own sons and daughters to the demons. The three demon kings at the time then harness the souls of the children and used them to create a single orb that could be either used as a way of powering up the wielder or a sword.

The Three original Demon Kings who killed each other for the power of the demon treasure.

Disaster then broke when the three demon kings grew selfish each wanting the treasure for themselves and this in turn started a civil war between the demons. Later after fighting for almost fifty years the three demon kings fought each other with the fighting ending in them all dying and the treasure being split into eight different weapons/orbs. Gaia, the goddess of life realizing the danger of these seven weapons decided that it was best to scatter them across the various worlds, hiding them in dangerous locations so nobody could ever use all their power again. Unknown to her, the Demonic Council has been building a tracker that could track the treasures if they ever needed to use their power again.

Each Treasure is more powerful when used by someone of that natural element that the treasure represents. For example, the treasure of fire would be more powerful if used by someone who possesses a natural affinity for fire like Issei (dragons) or Riser (Phenex).

It is unknown why but each treasure has a polar opposite enemy for example: The Orb of Fire has the Opposite Orb of Water, The Orb of Sky has the opposite Orb of the Earth,etc. This leads those to believe that the original treasure could've been a holy-demonic power.

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