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Demons(ディーマンズ. diimanzu) are race of demonic creatures that appear in The Draconic Nephalem, they are a completely different race then devils, with several differences the placement of there wings, power, and the fact that demons don't need a evil piece system, to keep their number. Though they do have a evil piece system used for there hybrid cousin, the Nephalem.

Summary Edit

The Demons are first shown in the first chapter of The Draconic Nephalem, When a Demon known as siren, lead Issei (and subsequently his parents) down a ally only to kill Issei parents and leaving a hole in Issei chest. Issei survives and was saved by Issac a Nephalem, who is shown to talk to a Demon named Vasour. Through out the rest of the first couple chapters show some connection to what demons do. Its unknown how there realationship is with the three factions, though from Vasour interactions it could be assumed there a neutral faction.

Demon lords Edit

The Demon faction, leaders are classifed as demon lords, its to be assumed these are the strongenst and smartest demons. The only demon lord shown as of now, is Vasour.

​Hunter's AssociationEdit

The Hunter's Association is department that deals with rouge demons. It is assumed to be made up of Nephalem and Demons, as shown by Issei being a Nephalem and being one of it hunters

​Rouge DemonsEdit

They are Demons that have gone, Rouge little has been shown as to how one becomes a Rouge demon


Demons are shown to be capable of flight through their wings, which are at their shoulder blades and can be summoned at will. They can also summon a Nexus, which to quote from the story "This was because of the demons and nephalem's ability to create dimensional anomalies called a nexus. It alllowed them to walk in the human world and use their powers without hurting people. Although, they still could harm people in the human world through making objects and other things fall or dragging them into the nexus" a nexus  turns the sky red and mist appears.


Though it hasent been shown, it can be assumed Demons are weak to holy weapons. Its unknown what they are weak to.

​Known DemonsEdit

  • Vasour
  • Siren
  • Vasour Daughter (though he mentioned that he had a child with a yokai(youkai)
  • Rouge demons working with Siren and it

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