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Deus Lex (神の法律 [デウス・レックス], Kami no Hōritsu [Deusu rekkusu], lit.The Law of God) is a fan fiction series written by NocturnalGod. It focuses on two different characters from two different worlds, Sora Kurogami and Diana Purson, who will now be bounded in a wheel of unexpected events.


Everything is bound to the wheel of fate

Everything shatters at its end

Wherever you look, it's all the same

A stupid example of their insanity

Making us tremble and crush in their grip

I'm gonna break their fist

And set us all free.

Running away from her home after betrayal from her closest, Diana Purson lands in a city of Kuoh. Soon she is found by some Fallen Angels and pursued by them. Then she gets to one house on a calm city street. When Fallen Angels were about to get rid of her, a mysterious man comes to help, getting rid of them instead. Seeking an ally, she invited herself to his house. How will they relationship go now?


Volume 1: The Betrayed PrincessEdit

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