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Devil's Rising
Vital statistics
Author DxDchoi101
Illustrator DxDchoi101
Published on TBA
Published by DxDchoi101
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The Devil's Rising (alternatively written as Highschool DxD: Redemption of the Fallen)  is a future fanfiction story written by DxDchoi101. It is a OC-centered fan-fiction story that takes place before the canon timeline (at least decades before the main timeline) in a alternative dimension featuring Nicholas D. Amduscias, a Pure-Blooded Devil...some of. It will feature wide range of new characters from new protagonists, antagonists, supporting characters, and much, much, more.

Opening/Endings Edit

Opening 1: "Renegade" by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION

Opening 2: TBA

Ending 1: "Yoru no Kuni" by Annabel

Ending 2: TBA

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Synopsis Edit

People are like dice, a certain Frenchman said that. You throw yourself in the direction of your own choosing. People are free because they can do that. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but no matter how small the choice, at the very least, you can throw yourself. It’s not chance or fate. It’s the choice you made.

–The opening quotes of the series.

The story follows Nicholas D. Amduscis, or by his alias "Nicholas the Calamity", a...unique, Pure-Blooded Devil who was known dead by the Underworld. He was regarded as "clan of traitors" due to a certain devil's clever and devious schemes which it costed everything he ever knew.

After he was "dead", he was brought into the world of "Aussengraht", a world of mythological and fantasy world that has been build by various groups such as deserters of the Great War (Half of the 72 Pillar survivors, angels, fallen angels, and other mythological beings), humans who have came across this world by accidents, and other powerful beings have settled down in this world to make a living. In this world, he's regarded as "Nicholas the Calamity", a notorious bounty hunter and wanted criminal who is known by every kingdoms and empires in the world. As he spend his years in the Aussengraht, he travels around the continent to find a way back to his own world, the "Oustergraht" (DxD's canon world} to clear his Clan's name and to hone his skills further the next time he meets a certain devil who taken everything away from him, while lives his day as both wanted criminal & hired-mercenary gunman for different factions.

The story will be mature, of course because of plenty of heavy-language, violence, gore, fan-service (sex-scenes and vanilla), as well as action packed and comedy.

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