Dragon's Will
3rd Generation's Dragon Force
"Dragon's Will: Activated"
Kana ドラゴンます (龍會)
Romaji Doragonmasu
Other Names "Dragon Force"
"Dragon's Touki"
Type Dragon Fighting Style/Technique
Forms Dragon's Will: Dragos Meteor
Dragon's Will: Boosted Dragon
Dragon's Will: Dividing Dragon
Dragon's Will: Flow of Life
Abilities Aura control
Wielder(s) Dragons
Hybrid Dragon's
Humans with Dragon type sacred gears

Dragon's Will (Sometimes known as dragon's force or Dragon's Touki) is a ability that allows a dragon or dragon human to control aura as a way of fighting. It is only obtained after immense training in which one breaks their body to the highest degree/subjecting themselves to immense pain.

Unlike regular Touki Dragon's Will is exclusive to dragons or humans who possess dragon type sacred gears.

Summary Edit

First discovered by former dragon king Tanin after becoming a devil this technique soon became known as Dragon's martial art and became popular among dragons and dragon hybrids.

Appearance Edit

This technique causes a gold color aura (although it may vary between dragons) to form around the dragon and gives their pupils a sharper and retellian like look.

The change is much more obvious to dragon hybrids or humans who have dragon sacred gears. Along with a color aura around their bodies this form causes scales to form on their arms and faces, their eyes become more reptilian, and their teeth/canines become much sharper. Also it gives their hair color a glossier look to it.

Abilities Edit

The main ability is the creation of a aura around their bodies increasing their attack, defense, and speed tremendously. Another method to obtaining the Touki is by training one's body to the uttermost limits, gaining control on the base of life itself. This even allows the user to counter magic attacks by punching or otherwise striking them.

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Standard Dragon's Will

There is also special abilities that depends on the dragon using Dragon's Will.

Styles Edit

Standard Dragon's Will: The regular form of dragon's will that any dragon with proper training can use.

Dragon's Will: Dragos Meteor: This involves grabbing a huge amount of magical energy from the area around them and then shooting a fire blast into the air before it will split into multiple dragon orbs each with the ability to deflect opponents attacks or burning their opponent immensely. Created by Tanin the "Blaze Meteor dragon".

Dragon's Will: Booted Dragon: This is a style used by Dragons who have the ability to multiply their energy or those who possesses the sacred gears with dragons that have multiplication abilities like Ddraig sealed inside. This style involves repeatedly boosting the touki around them to the point where the aura size is doubled to the point
  • Dragon's Will: Dragos Meteor
  • Dragon's Will: Boosted Dragon
  • Dragon's Will: Dividing Dragon
where it manifests as a being made of their touki energy that fights on their behalf.

Dragon's Will: Dividing Dragon: This style is used by dragons who have dividing abilities or who possess the sacred gears with dragons that have dividing abilities like Albion sealed inside. This style involves literally eating magic attacks which allows the user to gain the power from the attack or to shoot it back at the opponent with extra damage. The only drawback is this won't work on magic attacks that the user can't handle.

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