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The Dragon Slayers (ドラゴンスレイヤー, Doragon Sureiyā) are a group of Humans who carries the ability to slay Dragons within their bodies'. Unlike other Dragon Slayers who use weapons with Dragon-Slaying abilities within their weapons. These are True Dragon Slayers, those who're able to physically fight against Dragons. This term is used in the FanFiction Story, The Twin Dragons.


Dragon Slaying Magic is born

A Human becoming a Dragon Slayer.

A Dragon Slayer, are Humans who're given the power to slay Dragons. To become a Dragon Slayer, a Human would have to make a "contract" with a Dragon, which entails the Dragon giving the Human a portion of their own power.

After the chosen Human's body fully accepts the Dragon's power as their very own, their body will then become similar to the Dragon who they had made the contract with. The Dragon Slayer also gain the same elemental as the Dragon, this also allows them to devour their perspective element to further enhance their next few attacks.

Thanks to their new enhancements to their bodies' they gain enhanced senses (i.g.: hearing, eyesight and smell). Their physical abilities also increase beyond that of what a normal human is capable of. And another special characteristics, is their powers being further enhances if they bathe in the blood of a Dragon.

In the past there were several Dragon Slayers, who chose to fight against Dragons and bathe in their blood to further increase their powers. And some Dragon Slayers started becoming drunk with their own power. But, as Dragons started going into hiding the Dragon Slayers became just another Lost Style and Forgotten Style.

Known Dragon SlayersEdit

Dragon Slayer MagicEdit

The type of Magic that Dragon Slayers are able to employ, this magical art is destructive and very dangerous. As it names state this is a form of Magic that's highly affective against Dragons, being able to harm or even kill one. After the user master this magic, they'll be able to even reap the souls of Dragons. The Dragon Slayer Magic Styles are:



Their are several drawbacks:

  1. If the Dragons that they are making a contract with are too powerful, then the Human bodies' won't be able to handle the strain and they'll eventually die from it.
  2. If the Dragon Slayers become too powerful from bathing in Dragon's blood, then they'll become overcome with power and go insane.
  3. Dragon Slayers may begin to age a lot slower because of the fact they're technically the same as a Dragon.

Trivia Edit

  • The Dragon Slayers are based off of Fairy Tail

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