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Kana ドラゴンファング
Romaji Doragonfangu
Type Weapon
Abilities Evil Intent Detection
Duel Field
Wielder(s) Bellerophon

Dragonfang Edit

Dragonfang was forged from the bones of Vritra's carcass by the Greek God Hephaestus, who quenched the scorching dragon bone in the blood taken from the Titan Kronos.

Appearance Edit

Dragonfang has a single-handed grip with a pommel that encases a violet jewel. The cross-guard is held together by an oblong blue crystal while the blade proper is composed of twin prongs with serrated teeth on the inside, ending with two sharp tips.

Abilities Edit

The gem on its pommel reacts whenever malicious intent is directed at the user, such as anger or deceitful intentions, by changing its hue.

Despite lacking an offensive ability like Durandal's cutting, Dragonfang is still a powerful blade, capable of piercing even Midgardsormr's scales. Its true worth is shown when the gem held in the crossguard is shattered. This triggers the release of magical energy and the creation of a "Duel Field", an arena cut off from all of the surrounding environment and time where no outside help can intervene, including a god's blessing or the Heaven system.

Because of this Bellerophon cannot use it in his Human form, as it would sever his connection to the artificial human body he occupies.