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Kana ドラゴンファング
Romaji Doragonfangu
Type Weapon
Abilities Dragon Slayer
Magic Negation
Evil Intent Detection
Wielder(s) Bellerophon

Dragonfang Edit

Dragonfang was forged from the bones of Vritra's carcass by the Greek God Hephaestus, who quenched the scorching dragon bone in the blood taken from the Titan Kronos.

Appearance Edit

Dragonfang has a single-handed grip with a pommel that encases a violet jewel. The cross-guard is held together by an oblong blue crystal while the blade proper is composed of twin prongs with serrated teeth on the inside, ending with two sharp tips.

Abilities Edit

Dragonfang is a powerful blade, capable of piercing even Midgardsormr's scales with little effort because of its Dragon-slaying properties. The anti-magic sigils that run through the blade nullify powers originating from spells, barriers and objects alike.

The gem on its pommel reacts whenever malicious intent is directed at the user, such as anger or deceitful intentions.

Chaoseater Edit

Kana カオスイーター
Romaji Kaosuītā
Type Divine Weapon
Abilities Dragon Slayer
Chaotic Aura
Wielder(s) Bellerophon

Chaoseater evolved into a Divine Weapon after Dragonfang came into contact with Bellerophon's blood during Kokabiel's attack on Kuoh Town.

It possesses a degree of sentience and dislikes being held by anyone other than Bellerophon, who considers it his most trusted possession. After he obtained Dimension Lost, he managed to fuse a fragment of its power within Chaoseater's pommel, allowing it to draw power directly from the Magic Star inside Aetherius.

Appearance Edit

Chaoseater is a massive two-handed broadsword with no hand-guard due to its size, which makes it unsuited for duels against other swordsmen.

The massively thick blade has deep dents on its edge and several ghastly faces on its flat-side, which is wide enough to allow Bellerophon to use it as an impromptu shield.

Abilities Edit

Chaoseater has an affinity for Bellerophon's cursed black flames, which it uses to burn away the hands of anyone that tries to wield it aside from its master, in addition to feeding on their life-force and driving them into a berserker state for as long as the blade is held.

Having bathed in Bellerophon's blood, its dragonslayer properties are greatly superior to Dragonfang and Ascalon's, allowing its viciously honed edge to effortlessly slice through draconic and divine opponents alike as if they where candle wax.

Because of its size, the blade is difficult to control in his human form and shapeshifted state, and generates shockwaves whenever swung, which adds to Bellerophon's stance that drawing it is a privilege reserved for the strongest of his opponents.

Enuma Elish Edit

Awaken, Chaoseater! A stage worthy of you has been set!
Look up and behold! ENUMA ELISH!

–Bellerophon activating Enuma Elish

Enuma Elish

Enuma Elish being activated.

Upon activation the faces on the blade begin glowing and create a shrilling howl once Bellerophon commands it to "wake up", while emitting a scarlet gaseous energy from the mouths on its flat side.

Chaoseater shows its true power by attacking the very nature of the World itself with a torrent of chaotic energy, capable of creating innumerable rips in space-time that will swallow and crush all that is hit by the blast, transporting whatever remains in the Dimensional Gap.

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