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Drain Spiker (ドレーン・スパイカー, Supaikādoren) is a sacred gear that contains the Artifical Evil Dragon, Letus, and is considered a Longinus-Class Sacred Gear, due to it's ability of stealing.
Drain Spiker
Kana ドレーン・スパイカー
Romaji Supaikādoren
Other Names Thief Hand
Type Sacred Gear (Low-Tier Longinus)
Forms Bracelet (Initial)
Scale Mail
Chaos Drive
Abilities Spike Creation
Drain Enemy Power<br<Ability Stealing

Summary Edit

This Sacred Gear was created alongside Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing after the Great War, where Letus fought with Ddraig and Albion. Though the history extends before that.

Before the Evil Dragon Letus, were two beings.

The first was Thanatos, the son of the Grim Reaper Pluto, and a servent of Hades. During the early stages of the Great War, he was ordered to investigate a group of rouges from each faction who had been conducting strange reasearch. What Thanatos found was an artificial dragon, created by the rouges, who intended to profit off the War. Intending to stop them, he was heavily injured, along with the dragon. Lying in a collected puddle of their blood, Thanatos used a magic circle and conducted a last resort: fusion. Combing his body with the artifical dragons, both became one, a humanoid-dragon who would be called Letus.

The new dragon was a being on-par with one of the legendary Evil Dragons, it's body and power being a combination of the son of an Ultimate-Class Grim Reaper, and a dragon which was created using the DNA of one of the Five Great Dragon Kings.

The new combined mind of dragon instincts and normal knowledge clouded Letus' mind, causing him to rush out and find the nearest thing to fight. The things he encountered were Ddraig and Albion.

Abilities Edit

The Gear's main ability is to create spikes of various shapes and sizes. This is the ability every wielder has access too, but there is a second ability only available to those capable of unlocking it. That ability is to drain power from an opponent and add it to the wielder's own power, as well as steal abilities. An example would be hitting a Fallen Angel with a spike, and steal their ability to use light. This doesn't mean literally stealing that power from them, more like just copying the ability and giving it to the user.

But this ability stealing has it's own flaws. If the user tried stealing power from someone leagues above them, the power would overload the user and kill them. An example being an ordinary human stealing power from a Maou or God.


{DRAIN!} - Drains an enemies power.

{STEAL!} - Steals an enemy ability.

{ABSORB!} & {INTERGRATING!} - Absorbs object into Spike Drainer, and it entering the Spike Drainer.

{BREAK!} - Breaks the limit of what the user's power drain limit is for a short time.

{HEAVY!} - Increases the effects of gravity around a person or object.

{LIGHT!} - Decreases the effects of gravity aroound a person or object.

{CHARGING!} - Charges power for Drain Dead Shot.

{BALANCE BREAKER! UNLEASH! DEATH DRAGON SCALE MAIL!} - Activates the Scale Mail armor, Drain Spiker Scale Mail.

Another feature this Gear has is it's customizability. As normal Sacred Gears respond to the thoughts and desires of their wielders, Drain Spiker does as well, but even more then others. Through enough of their own will, a user can add an ability to the Sacred Gear to fit to their own fighting style. Past abilities like these can be used by a current wielder of the Gear as well.

Known Added Abilities:

Intergration - Spike Drainer can absorb objects, materials, or even elements into whatever form it has taken. This can change it's appearence, or even it's capabilities based on what has been absorbed.

Gravity Increasment - Due to a past user's encounter with a user of the Sacred Gear Gravity Jail, instead of stealing the ability, they willed it into the Gear so future wielders could use the power.

Forms Edit

The initial form of Spike Drainer is always a black bracelet with a violet jewel set on top. Due to the various wills of it's users, it may change forms to almost anything.

Balance Breaker Edit

Death Dragon Scale Mail: - Like Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing, Drain Spiker's Balance Breaker creates Scale Mail armor, black in Spike Drainer's case. In this form, the user's abilities are enhanced, allowing them to spawn spikes from any location, drain enemies faster, and steal abilities from more then one person at a time.

Chaos Drive Edit

Unlike the other dragon Longinus, Drain Spiker has no Juggernaut Drive. Like them however, it stores the past wielders consciousness, more specificly their anger and greed. Through the doping process of Chaos Break, an artifical Juggernaut Drive could be created by manifesting the past wielder's anger and greed into an monstrous armored form.

Trivia Edit

  • The initial form of this Sacred Gear is based on the Mega Bracelet from the Pokemon franchise.
  • The idea of absorbtion for Spike Drainer is based off the math value of subtraction.
  • Thanatos and Letus are both names of gods of death, Thanatos being the Greek one, and his roman incarnation, Letus.

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