All living things are naught but transient guests here in this world... Sooner or later, we will leave, and leave naught but memories of our existence, proof that we existed here in this world.

–Drake Ambrose Dracule, 1834

Drake Ambrose Dracule
The King of Blood
Kana ドレイクアンブローズDracule
Romaji Doreikuanburōzu Dracule
Race Human
Reincarnated Devil
Nicknames The Nosferatu Prince
The Dhampir King
King of Blood
Child of Impurity
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Equipment Iugi Fluit Sanguine Cruentum
Personal Status
Relatives Alucard Gabriel Dracule (father, deceased)
Maria Franchesca Adella (mother, deceased) Vladimir Tepes (grandfather, deceased)
Affiliations Vampire Clan
House of Dracule
Devil Faction
Peerage of Rias Gremory
Status Active
Ranking Ultimate-Class Devil
Drake Ambrose Dracule, otherwise known as simple D, is a powerful, if not the strongest vampire, of his race, and the main character of the story, "Viva la Vida." He is dhampir, born half-vampire, and half-human, and therefore regarded with disdain by members of his family, despite his heritage. For unknown reasons, Drake betrayed the vampire clan, and chose to slaughter many members of his clan, an event which came to be known as the Bloody Purge, and has since then, been regarded as both an enemy to the majority of the vampire clans, and as the true inheritor of the throne by the House of Tepes and Dracule.

He currently serves Rias Gremory, having become her Pawn when she was still only a child. He has taken up fourteen Pawn pieces, seven normal pieces, and seven Mutation Pieces, a testament to his strength. Not only is he the first peerage member of Rias', he is also one of the few to become an Ultimate-Class Devil, a possible Great Satan candidate.

Appearance Edit

Despite having lived for thousands of years, Drake still retains a young appearance, appearing as a young man in his early twenties. He has been described as a handsome individual, possessing an almost unearthly beauty. He possesses pale skin and long, silky black hair, and cold black eyes.

Personality Edit

Drake is a relatively cynical, cold, and stoic person, speaking only when necessary. He does not display any outward emotion, sans a protective nature towards those he does care for, particularly Gasper, a fellow vampire he recognizes as a victim of the injustice of their blood. That said, he is no without hatred, as he despises the vampires, regarding them as mere transient guests who's time has long since past.

In the past, however, Drake was a proud, and noble vampire, but did not regard humans with any hatred. Instead, like his mother, he believed that vampires and humans were capable of co-existing. He was not bothered by the hatred of other royal families, and carried his existence with pride. After the event known as the Bloody Purge, he begun to hold naught but a cold, overwhelming hatred for them, enough so that he begun to see all vampires as mere transient guests, or ghosts of the past.

History Edit

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Drake's appearance is based on D, also known as Vampire Hunter D, from the series of the same name. He also bears the same lineage, being the grandchild of the Sacred Ancestor.

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