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"Allow me to show you the might of the Heaven's Blade in my hands. As I send you on a one way trip to the Netherworld!"

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As long as there's Evil in this world, we'll continue to fight against them.

–The Du Lac families' moto.

Du Lac Family
The Mark of Chivalry
Kana ダーラーク
Romaji Da Raku
Affiliations Chivalric Order
Abilities Superhuman Abilities
Immense Combat Skills
Members Sir Lancelot (Progentior)
Sir Galahad (First Head)
Elaine Du Lac (Current Head)
Galahad Du Lac (Former Heir)
Lancelot Du Lac (Heir)

The Du Lac Family also known as the Knights of the Lake are a distinguished family of Knights in the Human World. This family is mainly comprised of descendants of Sir Lancelot, one of the original members of the Knights of the Round Table and a co-founder of the Chivalric Order. The next head is Lancelot Du Lac.


During the era of King Arthur and the Round Table, Sir Lancelot, the Strongest Knight, and Knight of the Lake started this family in order to produce knights who would honor the Code of Chivalry and protect the members of the Pendragon Household in order to make up for his mistakes in his past. Through their ancestor, the members of the Du Lac Family all have a high-level aptitude for close-combat and aura-capacity/control.

They have also taken up contracts to fight in different battles for a number of factions in the human world for the right reasons and eventually became known for their military strength; even assisting police forces during some of their cases gaining access to a number of crime scenes. Due to most of their members causing unforeseen destruction to property, they've also become great in carpeting. Soon the family became rich from the contracts that they have taken during battles and their carpentering businesses in the Human World.

Abilities Edit

Members of the Du Lac Families are known for having an innate aptitude for combat capable of fighting against beings normally far more powerful than they are. One of their far more dangerous traits is their talent whenever it comes to wielding an assortment of weapons. These Knights also possess a potent flow of life-energy that grants them a higher quality of aura than most knights (as seen by both Elaine and Galahad) that can be used to further increase their physical prowess and letting them fire off blasts of energy.

Three of their member possesses a unique trait that made Sir Lancelot a feared opponent during times of war known as the War God that can further increase their physical prowess and unlock a far greater aura almost that of a monster.


Members of the Du Lac Family mainly an assortment of weapons mainly swords and lances, but their most prized possession is the Holy Sword Arondight, the Ultimate Dragon Slayer that can unleash an enormous holy aura that is trumped only by the Pendragon Families' Caliburn, the Strongest Holy Sword, the Holy King Sword, and Sword in the Stone.


The known members of the Du Lac Household are Elaine Du Lac the current leader, Galahad Du Lac before his apparent "Death" and former heir, Lancelot Du Lac the current heir, and his fiance, Xenovia Quarta.


  • The surname Du Luc is French for 'of the Lake', so their full names are:
    • Elaine of the Lake
    • Galahad of the Lake
    • Lancelot of the Lake