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As long as there's Evil in this world, we'll continue to fight against them.

–The Du Lac families' moto.

Du Lac Family
The Mark of Chivalry
Kana ダーラーク
Romaji Da Raku
Affiliations Chivalric Order
Abilities Superhuman Abilities
Immense Combat Skills
Members Sir Lancelot (First Head)
Elaine Du Lac (Current Head)
Galahad Du Lac (Former Heir)
Lancelot Du Lac (Heir)
The Du Lac Family, also known as Knights of the Lake, one of the supernatural families known in the Human World. The family is mainly made up of descendents of Sir Lancelot, the original member of the Knights of the Round Table and founder of the Chivalric Order. The next head is Lancelot Du Lac.


During the era of King Arthur and the Knight of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot, the "Strongest Knight" in his era. Sir Lancelot had started this family to produce Knights who would honor the Code of Chivalry and protect members of the Pendragon Family to make up for all of his mistakes in the past. Due to the family being Humans, they train their bodies' to the limit to defend the Human World against beings of the supernatural. They've also took up contracts to fight in battles for several Factions in the World for the fight reasons, they soon became well-known for their military strength. Due to most of their members cause unforeseen destruction to property, they've also become great in carpenting. Soon the family became rich from the contracts that they have taken during battles and their carpentering businesses in the Human World.

Powers Edit

Each of the members of the Du Lac Family have all inherited great amounts of talent when it comes to combat, being capable of fighting against beings who are normally far more powerful than they are. However, their far more dangerous feature are their talent when it comes to swordsmanship being capable of overpowering their opponents with nothing but their swordsmanship. Most of their members can also gain the ability to use the War God, an innate ability that greatly enhance their physical abilities even greater.


The members of the Du Lac family wield mainly swords and lances. But the family's most prized possession is their Holy and Demonic Sword:

  • Arondight: An extremely powerful holy sword capable of releasing a holy aura that is only surpassed by Caliburn, also known as the Holy Knight Sword and the Light of the Lake. Arondight is also imbued with immensely powerful Dragon-Slaying abilities, powerful enough to earn the title of Ultimate Dragon Slayer.
  • Secace: An extremely powerful demon sword capable of releasing an extremely powerful demonic slash, that is only surpassed by Gram. It possess a sharp edge that is capable of tearing apart space and cutting through spatial barriers. Its one major flow, is if the wielder lose control of themselves they could potentially lose control of themselves to their own anger and act more aggressive in combat. The curse also causes an demonic armor to appear on their body and increase their capabilities greatly, however after the armor is dispersed the gained power rebounds on their physical body causing great damage.


The currently known members of the Du Lac Family are Elaine Du Lac the current head of the Du Lac Family, her defected child, Galahad Du Lac, the former heir to the family and Lancelot Du Lac, the next head of the Du Lac Family. Xenovia can be viewed as a member of the Du Lac Family due to her being Lance's fiance.


  • The surname Du Luc is French for 'of the Lake', so their full names are:
    • Elaine of the Lake
    • Galahad of the Lake
    • Lancelot of the Lake

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