DxD: Broken in Time is a fanfiction written by Abbadon the Chaos King. It centers around the rise and rule of a Tyrannical and immensely powerful Devil known as Mabus who has taken over the Underworld and the rise of time to ones who could defeat him.

Summary Edit

After the defeat of Trihexa, all of existence became peaceful again with Issei and all of Rias' peerage living in relative peace for many years. Rias and Issei even marrying and having children during those peaceful years together. Though after two decades of peace, a new enemy had arisen, an enemy, a Devil so powerful that it bested Sirzechs himself in battle. This new enemy went by the name, Mabus, The Demon King. The re-formation of the Khaos Brigade had sparked a revolution against the new Demon King.

Though there efforts had yet to succeed. Now many years later, Angel after Angel, Devil after Devil, God after God has fallen before The Demon King in an attempt to usurp him but none have succeeded. Now the Khaos Brigade's last stand had arrived, and it was time for them to do or die.

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1: The Last Beginning

Trivia Edit

  • The story was loosely based on the movie, Terminator: Genesys

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