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DxD: ExTrA is a fanfiction written by Houki Minami. Set in the same dimension as Highschool DxD: Legacy, the fanfic tells the misadventures of Alice Berith, the heiress of the Berith clan and the younger sister of Zoroaster Leviathan, in which she must deal with the typical situations of a devil in the human world... While also trying to defeat her human opponent who knows 'everything'.

Sinopse Edit

'A boy with a simple mind, a devil heiress with several duties who thinks he's the biggest loser in all Kuoh Academy. However, after a crucial encounter in the middle of the night, their stories twisted together, and now, both will live a bizarre, abnormal love story... Yeah, right.'

Hiroyuki Masaomi is what they call a Chuunibyou: a teenage young man with eighth grade delusions of anime and manga, thinking himself as the reincarnation of the great demon lord Kairser Leviticus Babylon IV. His classmate Alice Berith, being a true devil herself, thinks nothing of him but an abnoxious idiot, constantly arguing with him on the daily basis.

A twist of destiny united them when, at the silent of the Night, the boy took an alternative route for his house, and ended up bumping with Alice fighting a fallen angel herself. She was about to lose, but using his ultimate lying techniques, Hiroyuki was able to scare the fallen angel away and killing him, taking the girl away to take care of her.

And thus begins the bizzare adventures of the couple devil/human, with her trying to destroy him, while he uses his chuuni abilities to avoid her attacks and gain more and more allies of the supernatural...

Author's notes Edit

And hey there again, DxD fanon. Houki Minami again with another OC story. Truth to be told, i'm not usually able to write stories with canon characters if not only for hentais or sweet vanilla romances. So, I hope you all like this new story with my other OC's. I dunno, sometimes, I'm just ashamed or too tightass to write an acfic with canon characters, and lazy too because I'm a very imaginative person, and interactions with canon makes me feel unconfortable. Well, enough about my rant! let's dive in the story!

Btw, this fic is a "sister-fic" of another of my DxD fanfic, "Highschool DxD: legacy". This story is on the same timeline as that one. But if you dont want to read it, don't worry, I'll give some exposition to this new universe in this fic as well. Don't worry about it.

As always, highschool dxd does not belongs to me! thank you very much!

Volume 1: Human boy, devil girl. Edit

  1. Chapter 1 - Human boy, devil girl.