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This is a story about an idiot who got a harem for being an idiot. No, seriously...

Lunamaria Aim


DxD: Haremonogatari(DxD:ハレモノガタリ) is story written by Houki Minami. An OC-centric story during canon-continuity, it tells the story of Ryuusei Amano, a third-year student who believes to be the heir of an extinct clan of dragon tamers, whose real name is Sorento Vortigern, and after encountering the Devil Lunamaria Aim, they fake their own relationship in order to become stronger and defeat any obstacles that might pose a threat to their objectives.

Synopsis Edit

Sorento Vortigern is the last member of a dragon tamer clan, in a quest to revenge his fallen friends and family and rescue his little sister from invisible threats and enemies. However, seeing that alone he won't be able to accomplish anything, can Sorento move aside his hatred for the supernatural to reach his goal?

–Published synopsis

Despite it's synopsis, the stories centers around the normal, imaginative but kind third-year student Ryuusei Amano and his girlfriend Lunamaria Aim(Human alias, Matsuri Tsukihi) encountering several supernatural creatures and sacred gear-users in their mundane, everyday lives. Best friends with Issei Hyoudou, Ryuusei believes himself to be the descendant of the extinct clan Vortigern of Dragon-tamers, and with such mentality plus his own chuunibyou knowledge, Ryuusei will try to rise from the ashes of his unexistent clan, all while attracting the love of several supernatural girls.

Characters Edit

Main characters Edit

  • Ryuusei Amano(normal human)
  • Lunamaria Aim(Alias: Matsuri Tsukihi; devil)
  • Karen Itoshiki(ghoul)
  • Kotone Kotomine(nekomata nekoshou)
  • Reina Kujikawa(Sacred-gear user)

Supporting cast Edit

  • Ichinose Hanekawa(angel)
  • Nanashi Hanai(Tulpa)
  • Kyouko Nijimura(uber-dimensional witch) - First year
  • Shinobu Akira(Assassin/Sacred Gear user) - Third year
  • Mineta iori(slime) - Second year
  • Ryuuko Hidetora(Dragon) - First year
  • Toshinori Yamakawa(copy/clone maker) - Third year
  • Maya Yamada(Sacred Gear-user) - Third Year
  • Yasuko Akuto(sacred gear-user) - First year
  • Akaki Midoriyama(Sacred Gear-user) - Second Year
  • Kurono Shirono(greek Demi-god) - Third Year
  • Kotone Kuromine(Nekomata) - Third Year
  • Anju Iida(Angel) - First year
  • Homura Merahara(Fire being) - Second year
  • Hifumi Isoroku(Dragon) - Third year
  • Isono Kumori(arachne) - First year
  • Shion Kawabata(Yuki-onna) - First year
  • Jurai Minamotono(Summoner/tamer) - Third year
  • Mitsuo Daimon(Sacred Gear-user) - First year
  • Taiga Mihara(Fox spirit) - Second year.
  • Masumi Yumeno(Succubus) - Third year
  • Kokonotsu Nouri(Devil)- Third year

Antagonists Edit

  • Kazehana Tendou(devil, real name: Akasha Valefor)
  • Angus Berthold.

Volumes Edit

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